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Carolina Economy Human Skeleton Review

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Carolina Biological Supply Company's economy human skeleton model is reasonably basic, but it features painted and labeled muscle origins and insertions. While the main joints are articulated, the spine isn't flexible and the extremities do not have proper range of motion.

There are 200 separate bones in this skeleton, and it is anatomically accurate. However, most of the finer details are missing. For example, you won't find nerve branches or the vertebral artery indicated, and there's no reference to connective tissue.

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On the left side of the body, you'll see muscle insertions and origins painted in red and blue, and each one is labeled. You can find the corresponding key card within the included anatomy guide. Notably, even though the muscle origins and insertions are labeled, the bones themselves are not, so this model may not be the best choice for early anatomical education.

This budget-friendly, full-size human skeleton model is modeled on an adult male human, but isn't a casting from actual remains, so it doesn't have the realistic imperfections or texture that you'd find from a natural casting. It has a hard plastic construction that's easy to clean.

Carolina Biological Supply Company's budget skeleton is partially articulated, so the major joints all have reasonable range of motion, although, because there are no elastic ligaments, the joints move loosely. This fingers and toes don't flex properly because of their wiring, and the spine isn't flexible. This model comes with a hanging stand that attaches to a loop on the skull.

With anatomical accuracy, this skeleton makes a good display piece or an educational piece for higher level students. It is also a solid option for demonstrating the relationship between the musculoskeletal system. The comprehensive anatomy guide is a good student resource and contains the key guide to the labeled muscle insertions and origins.

This budget-friendly human skeleton model from Carolina Biological Supply Company is a good purchase for students and professionals who study the skeleton and its relationship with the major muscle groups, as it features an accurate skeleton with 200 separate bones, with all of the major muscle origins and insertions clearly labelled. It is not, however, well-suited for general educational purposes, as it lacks some details, like a flexible spine and nerve branches and arteries.

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