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Flexible Physiotherapy Skeleton A-102892 Review

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This flexible physiotherapy skeleton is well-suited to physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, and other health professionals. It flexible, poseable, and fully articulated, so it's a smart choice for demonstrating posture, injuries, and range of motion. However, because this skeleton model lacks numbering, bone guides, or other educational material, it's of limited educational value.

Although it's poseable, works well as a physiotherapy skeleton and features 200 separate bones, this model is, in other respects, fairly basic. This isn't a general-purpose model designed to educate high-school and college students about the different bones. 

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Instead, it's designed for use in professional settings and specific educational settings, such as physiotherapy and sports medicine practices. For this reason, you won't find much fine detail. There are no arteries, foramina, or condyles, and the muscle origins and insertions aren't marked, although nerve branches are depicted along the spine.

The Flexible Physiotherapy Skeleton is based on male anatomy. However, it is not a natural casting, so much of the natural detail of real human bones is not present. It has a realistic weight, though. This example has a resilient hard plastic construction for durability and features a pelvic-mounted stand with tough nylon casters.

Designed for flexibility, this skeleton model has an accurate range of motion. The fingers and toes are also articulated; they demonstrate full flexion and torsion.

As well as being fully flexible, this life-size skeleton is poseable, too, so you can demonstrate posture, movement, and causes of injuries to students and patients, and for studying the relationship between different bone groups. The shoulder, hip, and ankle joints have a heavy elastic configuration to give realistic range of motion and resistance. These joint sections are also removable for closer examination.

This poseable life-size skeleton offers educational value for students enrolled in physiotherapy, sports medicine, osteopathy, and other related disciplines. However, it's not well-suited to general health education, as it lacks fine details and there are no labeled bones.

This skeleton model is specifically designed for use by professionals and students who need to study the relationship between bone groupings and the science of movement and posture. It isn't the best choice, however, as a general educational resource.

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