Flexible Fred is a smart choice for an anatomical skeleton model in a clinical setting, particularly for physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors. However, the lack of numbering or color-coding on the bones and the absence of other bodily systems and key details means this model isn't best-suited for educational purposes.

With 200 bones, this human skeleton model offers an accurate depiction of the mechanics of the human body. Flexible Fred features the vertebral artery and vertebral nerve branches depicted in yellow and red wire. However, this model doesn't feature musculature, muscle attachments and origin, or foramina. Therefore, its primary purpose is in a clinical setting demonstrating skeletal conditions. For more realism, each tooth is individually cast and inserted, rather than being cast as a part of the mandible.

Flexible Fred is a natural casting from a real adult male skeleton, so you can see genuine imperfections in the tough PVC bones you'd see on real bones. This, combined with the realistic weight, enhances the learning experience.

This human skeleton model is a popular choice because of its accurate range of motion and life-like flexibility. Flexible Fred is fully articulated, so even his hands and feet have a realistic range of motion, as do all of his joints. The spine of this skeleton model is posable, so it stays where you put it, making it possible to easily demonstrate proper or poor posture and correct and ill-advised movements. The spine also features a prolapsed disc between the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae. The skeleton is supported by a pelvic-mounted stand with casters.

The value of Flexible Fred lies in his full articulation and his flexibility, which makes him a smart choice as a demonstration piece in a clinical setting. His lack of color-coded pieces and the absence of numbering means he isn't that useful as a teaching aid.

Fred the Flexible is favored in clinical settings, such as physio, chiropractic, and osteopathic clinics because of the life-life range of motion and full articulation. A cast of a natural male skeleton, 3B Scientific's Flexible Fred has an accurate weight, feel, and appearance, and comes with a three-year guarantee.

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