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Human Skeleton Model Stan Review

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3B Scientific's Human Skeleton Model Stan is comparatively basic, but he is anatomically accurate. This naturally cast life-size skeleton doesn't have any additional system details, but features detailed bone structure and has a realistic weight and feel.

Skeleton Stan features 200 separate bones and individually inserted teeth. This model is precise, with every bone located in the correct position. It includes accurately sized condyles and structures like foramina, but it doesn't feature any extras.

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You won't find muscle origins or insertions, indications of nerve branches or veins and arteries, and no depiction of connective tissues. This makes the skeleton model a good option for a display piece in classrooms, labs, and doctors' offices, a demonstration piece, and tool for higher education.

Like most anatomical skeleton models, 3B Scientfic's Stan is male. He's a natural casting from an adult human male and is of an accurate weight. Because this model is a natural casting, the bone structure and texture has a high level of detail for a realistic feel. Stan is made from a tough synthetic material that's easy to clean.

Stan's limbs and joints have some movement, but the pinned assembly means that the movement doesn't mimic a human's natural range of motion. A pelvic-mounted stand with five casters provides a stable, easily movable base. His limbs detach simply for closer examination.

3B Scientific's economical skeleton model doesn't have numbered or labeled parts and doesn't come with any educational resources. However, because of the high level of detail and accuracy, he still offers plenty of educational value, whether Stan is on display in the classroom or the physician's office. His lack of labeling and extra system indications makes him useful for quizzes at higher levels of examinations and the advanced study of bones and the skeletal system as a whole.

Human Skeleton Model Stan from 3B Scientific is a texturally detailed, anatomically accurate life-size model that won't break the bank. While he isn't suited to injury and postural demonstrations and doesn't feature any evidence of the nervous, circulatory, or muscular systems, this naturally cast skeleton model is a good demonstration model for clinics, professionals, and educational establishments working on a budget.

Human Skeleton Model Stan Visit Site