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Leo the Ligament Review

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Leo the Ligament, from 3B Scientific, is anatomically accurate, and the right side of the body contains the functional ligaments of the hip, knee, elbow, and shoulder joints. This model, however, lacks other fine details, such as muscle attachments and origins.

With 200 separate bones, this ligament model from 3B Scientific is anatomically accurate. However, the parts aren't numbered or labeled, so it may not be the best choice for students learning the specifics of the skeletal system.

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This particular model is accurate enough for clinical and higher educational purposes and is specifically designed to show the function and interaction of the bones and ligaments. The right side of the skeleton has tough elastic ligaments on the knee, elbow, shoulder, and hip joints. Leo's jaw is spring-loaded and his teeth are individually molded and inserted but are not removable.

3B Scientific's Leo the Ligament is a natural casting from an adult human male, and his bones have a natural weight and appearance. This skeleton model is made from a durable synthetic material.

This skeleton is assembled with a series of metal pins that give the joints loose movements that don't entirely mimic realistic human range of motion. The joints on the right side, however, are fitted with imitation ligaments that provide a more realistic experience. Leo is fitted with a pelvic-mounted stand with a five-caster base.

Leo the Ligament is not meant for beginners to anatomical study, as he has to fine details and no labeled parts or source material, such as a bone guide. His educational value lies in his joints. He's a solid choice for demonstrating the vital relationship between the ligaments and the bones. This model would make a good addition to sports medicine, physiotherapy, and other joint-related medical disciplines.

While the skeleton itself is quite basic, Leo the Ligament is lacking fine details like arteries and nerve branches nor does he have numbered parts. However, this model skeleton provides insight into the way bones and ligaments function in harmony. Leo the Ligament is anatomically correct and comes with a three-year warranty.

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