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Mr. Bucky, from Lake Forest Anatomicals, is a moderately detailed replica of a human skeleton. It is accurate enough for most patients and for educating students to the high-school level. This budget-friendly skeleton also works well as a display piece, but he's not well-suited for higher education or professional use.

Complete with 200 bones and three removable teeth, Mr. Bucky Numbered Skeleton, from Lake Forest Anatomicals, also shows nerve branches and the vertebral artery.

This model features a herniated disc between the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae, so he is reasonably accurate and detailed, particularly for basic teaching and demonstrative purposes. However, he lacks some of the finer detail associated with higher-end models, such as condyles, foramina, muscle attachments and origins, muscles, and spinal flexibility.

This economy skeleton is styled after an adult human male, but notably he isn't cast from actual human remains. Because of this, the texture and surface of the bones don't have a realistic feel or appearance. Mr. Bucky has a hardened plastic construction and is a little too heavy to mimic real skeletal weight.

Mr. Bucky has adequate range of motion in his joints and limbs, but the spine doesn't flex. His extremities are partially articulated, but don't allow full flexion. He comes on a rolling, pelvis-mounted stand for ease of use.

Although Mr. Bucky is a budget skeleton model, he comes with a wealth of educational material. All of his bones are numbered, and you get a comprehensive bone and study guide. You also get fun, educational posters to place on your classroom or office walls. Additionally, Mr. Bucky comes with a set of charts that depict the muscular, nervous, circulatory, and digestive systems, making him a solid choice for students' first forays into the complexity of the human body. There are some anatomical inaccuracies, however, so he's not a clinical-grade model.

Budget-friendly, with 200 labeled bones, removable lower teeth and a study guide, Mr. Bucky is a solid choice for elementary, high-school, and undergraduate classrooms. He's also suitable for basic patient education. However, he lacks the details and accuracy required by professionals and advanced students.