3B Scientific's Super Human Skeleton, Sam, is anatomically accurate, articulated, and features muscles, nerves, and tendons. This anatomical skeleton model offers a comprehensive representation of multiple body systems. You must do some of the final assembly yourself, like fitting the tendons and ligaments onto the elbow joint, but the added detail and high degree of accuracy makes this model suitable for clinical learning and medical professionals.

While it doesn't have all 206 bones, this skeleton model has over 600 numbered parts, including bones, muscles and nerves. 3B Scientific's Sam anatomical skeleton features tendons and connective tissue on his right hand side, giving the arm and joints a natural, realistic range of motion.

On the left you'll find clearly marked muscle origins and insertions. Short branching nerves are evident down the spine, but don't run throughout the whole skeleton. Nerves are marked clearly in yellow rubber tubing, and the arteries are depicted in red tubing. You'll find foramina and condyles present, along with a prolapsed disc, which is the most common back injury. The skull is removable and features a flexible jaw and individually inserted teeth.

Like many life-size skeleton models, Sam is a male skeleton. This model has a tough PVC construction and is a natural casting from the remains of an adult male. The bones are of an approximately natural weight for a realistic feel.

As an articulated skeleton, this model from 3B Scientific moves in the same way as a real skeleton would. The spine, for example, is fully flexible, and his entire right side, complete with musculature and connective tissue, mimics the motion of the human body. This particular model comes with a stand mounted to the pelvis and a sturdy, five-star base with casters.

3B Scientific's skeleton model has more than 600 numbered parts, with an extensive bone guide. Different anatomical systems are color-coded for easy identification.

The Super Human Skeleton, Sam, is a clinical-grade anatomical skeleton that clearly shows multiple anatomical systems. Its high level of detail and accuracy make it suitable for use in any setting, from high school to med school, for physiotherapists to physicians.

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