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Home Security Door and Window Sensors Reviews

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Pros When an alert triggers, LiveWatch's ASAPer instantaneously informs you and your emergency contacts.
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Home Security Door and Window Sensors Review

Why Use Home Security Door and Window Sensors?

Editor's note: ADT recently announced the completion of a merger with Protection 1. Although the two companies currently operate independently, both will eventually operate exclusively under the ADT brand. When ADT and Protection 1 complete this brand integration, we will update our home security reviews to reflect that information.

Each window and door to your house represents a vulnerable point for potential break-ins. The security of your home begins with monitoring these entry points. Home security systems monitor all aspects of safety at home and often come with sensors for each window and door as a basic security precaution that protects your loved ones and belongings.

This review compares best home security door and window sensor services to help you find the best way to protect your home. Of the services we reviewed, the most noteworthy are Frontpoint, Protect America and LiveWatch. Read our articles on home security door and window sensors to help you increase your security at home and reduce expenses.

Home Security Door and Window Sensors: What to Look For

The concept behind door and window security is quite basic, though the safety it provides is only a small part of a larger, more comprehensive system that monitors your home. Even if you already own a sensor system, these services can add to your current security measures to give you a greater range of protection and oversight. The key aspects of a home security sensor system include alerts, security devices, monitoring services and customer support.

With door and window alarms, you can see any activity that might indicate an intruder trying to enter your home. If you have small children or a loved one with a medical condition, look for a service that provides personal safety alerts, personal security devices or medical pendants. The best home security door and window sensor services also alert you and the authorities when there's smoke, carbon monoxide, power failures, extreme temperature changes, flooding and natural gas leaks.

Equipment & Security Devices
Home security door and window sensors are two-part devices that attach to each entry. The first half attaches to the door or window itself and the other half attaches to an adjacent wall. When these halves separate, they send out a signal that indicates an open entry point. Every security system in our review is wireless, and you can customize each with extra devices such as motion sensors, security cameras, glass-break sensors, sirens and panic buttons. You can also equip your home with pet-immune sensors so your pets don't set off any false alarms while you're away.

Monitoring Services
Door and window alarm sensors aren't just about installing sensors on your home's entry points. If a window opens while the security system is active, your monitoring service should react appropriately to protect your home and catch the wrongdoers. Look for a service that uses a cellular connection, operates 24 hours a day, lets you remotely control your system using the internet or a mobile app, and adds basic home automation functions. Many services offer a two-way intercom that lets you speak with trained experts during emergencies.

Help & Support
Home security door and window sensor systems rely largely on effective customer support. These companies not only ensure the continued functionality of your sensor system but also help you resolve technical problems with your equipment via email, phone and live chat. The most effective services offer a strong warranty and a range of customer support options such as FAQs, alarm history reports and online tutorials to help you master your system. Check to see that the company has reasonable contract policies, because some companies require lengthy contracts upon installation or extend your contract when you relocate.

Home security door and window sensors can meet your most basic security needs. You deserve to know that your safety and security are at risk when a door or window opens in your home. Comprehensive monitoring services can track the status of your home's security and give you peace of mind anytime you head out the door on vacation or even to work.