Pros / Lorex ties for the best daytime video quality in our review.

Cons / The system's nighttime video doesn't compare well with that of other systems we reviewed.

 Verdict / Lorex is an excellent system for daytime home video surveillance, although its nighttime video isn't quite as good.

Flir's Lorex home surveillance systems are among the best for daytime video quality. The system seems underpowered at night, but it records good video even then for the most part. This system is similar to others in our review in that it takes a little effort to install, but it's not too complicated. The technical support options are very good and help Lorex earn our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for home surveillance systems.

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  • Video Quality - Day
  • Video Quality - Night
  • Ease of Use
  1. This score represents how well each system displayed video during the day.
    Higher is Better
  2. 2  Lorex
    96.0 %
  3. 1  Foscam
    96.0 %
  4. 3  Swann
    87.0 %
  5. Category Average
    86.89 %

Video Performance

Lorex's daytime video performance hits all of the right notes. Lorex tied with one other home surveillance system for best daytime video but performed better at a distance. Our test chart showed up clearly at distances up to 30 feet, but the image quality was a little worse when the chart was immediately in front of the camera. The daytime video has excellent contrast that helps you identify details better than you can with most other systems in our comparison.

At night, Lorex earned an average score simply because its infrared LEDs weren't as effective at a distance. Close to the camera, the lights weren't too bright, which helped show detail without washing out the image. The amount of detail started to diminish past 10 feet, which made it harder to identify people in the video. The system had no distortion when recording movement at all distances, though it was slightly blurry, which is common for nighttime home video surveillance.

The Lorex system also had a noticeable graininess at night that decreased the video quality below the average for our review. This was the largest factor in lowering the video quality score of the system. The system had average contrast, which compared well with others we tested.

Setup & Operation

The network video recorder, or NVR, is easy to set up: You just connect it to your router and the cameras. It comes with four home surveillance cameras, which is also the number of cameras it supports, so you don't need to buy extras with this system. You can install these cameras indoors or outdoors, as they are very resistant to dust and water.

After installation, you scan a QR code on the NVR using the Flir Cloud mobile app to automatically set up the internet connection. The Lorex system uses your router's internet connection to enable remote viewing and control. As with other home surveillance systems that use the QR code setup, you don't need to change other settings on your router. You can use Flir Cloud to change basic settings, but you need to connect the NVR to a computer monitor to change advanced settings.

The Lorex home surveillance system only requires an intermediate level of experience with wireless routers and running cables for installation. Since the system doesn't use Wi-Fi, it's not as easy to install as the systems in our review that do. Everything you need to mount the cameras comes in the box, including drywall anchors and screws. The video cables on this system are 60 feet long, which allows you to place cameras in strategic locations, provided your NVR is centrally located, for maximum coverage of a small home.

This system uses two power adapters, one for cameras and one for the NVR. These take up valuable space on a power strip, but they are similar to most other home surveillance systems' adapters in our review. The NVR in the Lorex system we tested had a 1TB hard drive, though you can find variants with more storage if you need it.

Warranty & Support

Lorex's two-year warranty is better than the one-year warranty you get on most home surveillance systems. You can use the warranty to replace either the cameras or the NVR. You can download the manual and troubleshoot any problems on the Lorex support website. To contact Flir directly, you can use email, phone or live chat.


Lorex is an excellent choice for home video surveillance in most homes, though it's most suited to daytime surveillance, as its daytime video quality is the best in our review, especially for distant objects. On the other hand, Lorex's nighttime video had more noise than many of the cameras we reviewed, which made it more difficult to identify distant objects and people. The system is easy to use but takes a little patience to set up.

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