• Other Uses for a Nanny Cam



    When you think of the term "nanny cam," you probably think of secretly spying on the babysitter. However, the tiny, covert cameras commonly used for nanny surveillance aren't only useful to wary parents. In fact, nanny cams could become a staple in many homes since they are discreet ways to see what's going on in your home or office when you're not around. Whether you need to check up on the dog sitter or you're suspicious of one of your employees, a nanny cam acts as an extra pair of eyes when you can't physically be watching all of the time.

    Dog sitters: Sure, nanny cams work to help keep tabs on your babysitter, but what if your baby is of the canine variety? Dogs and other animals can also suffer abuse at the hands of their caretakers, which is why setting up a camera in your home when your dog or cat is being cared for by someone else is sometimes a necessity. If you're suspicious of the way your pet is being treated, a nanny cam can help give you greater insight into the quality of their care so that you know whether to hire a specific dog sitter again.

    Workplace surveillance: Most workplaces use computer surveillance systems to detect employees' online behavior. If you want to know how your employees really act when you're not around, the feed from a nanny cam could bring some less-than-ideal behavior to light. If you're a manager or business owner, you can't be with your employees every moment of every day. While you try to trust them when you're gone, if you notice signs that an employee has been dishonest about his behavior when you're out of the office, such as stolen supplies or a lack of work being done, setting up a camera system will tell you once and for all what's really going on behind your back at work.

    Neighborhood watch: If you're heading out for a vacation or noticing strange behavior in your neighborhood, you can install a nanny cam to watch over your home while you're not around. This is especially effective if you use the type of nanny cam that offers a live video stream to your computer or smartphone. That way, it only takes a few clicks to see exactly what's happening at your home in real time. Whether you need to catch the kid who has been egging your house or simply want an economic way to protect your home against intruders when you're not there, a nanny cam can come to the rescue to watch over your house.

    A nanny cam should be included in home surveillance and security arsenals whether you have kids at home or not. It's a quiet and undercover way to see what's happening when you're not in the room, at home or in the office. You should invest in one any time you don't completely trust everyone around so that you can see what really happens for yourself.

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