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RYK-9103 Nanny Spy Camera Review

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PROS / It offers highly beneficial features on par with our top-ranked hidden cameras.

CONS / The nanny cam's memory is not removable and has a max capacity of just 4GB.

 VERDICT / It's a mediocre nanny cam that probably isn't worth the cost.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

RYK-9103 Nanny Spy Camera

The Yoko Technology RYK-9103 Nanny Spy Camera is a very basic spy camera that closely resembles a plug-in air freshener or – like our second-ranked nanny cam – a rudimentary motion sensor. But users shouldn't be deceived by the spy camera's dated, generic appearance; with a handful of beneficial features, it performs its inherent function of covert surveillance fairly well.

For a lower-grade nanny cam, we were surprised to find the hidden camera offered a range of features. Like our other top-rated nanny cams, this one offered highly useful features that included date- and time-stamped recordings, built-in digital video recording (DVR) and a motion detector. A time recording shut-off feature ensures the camera stops recording once motion in the room has ceased for a certain length of time. Finally, the spy camera also has an overwrite selector users can activate to erase the earliest recording on the memory card once it is full.

While the spy camera doesn't offer any time-scheduled recording, we were pleasantly surprised to find it does have recording quality options, allowing users to choose between high, medium or standard (low) recording qualities. Additionally, both recording speed and motion detection sensitivity can be adjusted to fine-tune recordings.

The nanny cam's ninth-place ranking in our lineup is illustrative of its average video output. The camera offers two resolutions: 320 x 240 or 640 x 480. But even with the max resolution of 640 x 480, footage appears somewhat grainy, and a frame rate of just 12 frames per second does not make the video appear entirely smooth. Despite video that is somewhat disjointed, the nanny cam is still a sufficient device for basic, lightweight monitoring; the recordings are still clear enough to discern specific actions and individuals.

One thing we do like about the hidden camera is that it can be powered through either the included AC adapter or four AA batteries for additional portability. However, as with most battery-powered spy cameras, this one also drains non-rechargeable batteries extremely fast, so for long-term use, it's probably best used in conjunction with the power cord.

Similar to our other lower-ranking nanny cams, this spy camera has very disappointing memory capacity. It supports a maximum of 4 gigabytes, which hardly seems sufficient to monitor a full workday. What's worse, the memory is built-in so there's no memory card slot or removable memory card that can be conveniently inserted into a computer. As a result, the spy camera must be plugged directly into a television or computer (via the RCA video output and cable) to view and erase recordings.


Given its characterless facade, the Yoko Technology RYK-9103 Nanny Spy Camera would easily blend into any home or office without attracting unwanted attention. In addition, the nanny cam delivers adequate video output with a range of surprisingly versatile features that enables users to customize recording capabilities. Nonetheless, the spy camera simply does not compete with our higher-ranking nanny cams; its lack of flexible and larger memory capacity keeps the hidden camera from being a top contender.

RYK-9103 Nanny Spy Camera