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SafeMart Review

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PROS / SafeMart has the best assortment of security cameras, compared to its competitors.

CONS / There isn't the option to have technicians repair your equipment in your home, so you'll have to mail in each malfunctioning device for it to be fixed.

 VERDICT / Once you get past the initial cost of the equipment, you won't regret having signed up for SafeMart's quality service.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.


SafeMart is a newer addition to the long-standing group of home security providers. In the short time the company has been in business, it has learned how to satisfy its customers. The company offers a very large variety of indoor and outdoor security cameras, alongside a great deal of detectors and sensors. SafeMart is unique among the leading security businesses because it does not provide installation services. Instead, the company allow you to customize your house with whatever gadgets suit your needs best. It's best not to be scared off by self-installation. Setting up the equipment is quite easy, and SafeMart has friendly service representatives who will gladly help you through the installation.

Video & Audio

SafeMart's monitoring station is open 24/7. SafeMart is excellent for people who have equipment such as CCTV cameras and sensors in their home and are just looking for a compatible monitoring service. SafeMart's LiveWatch service can cost between 50 to 80 percent less than other monitoring companies charge. You will pay full price for your equipment to start with, but you will save money in the long run. You have the option to choose between a phone line setup or to make it cellular-based, which we found to be the standard setup for modern security devices. Because you have the option to select specific equipment, you have more control over customization and the ability to make the entire system easy for you to use.

The latest addition to the SafeMart monitoring lineup is an innovative feature called ASAPer, which sends notifications and alerts faster than any other system on the market. When configuring ASAPer, you specify the contacts for individuals that you wish to alert if there is a problem in your home. In the event of an alert, instead of contacting these people one at a time as with traditional security camera systems, ASAPer contacts everyone simultaneously. The people on the ASAPer contact list can then immediately follow up using a group chat within ASAPer to resolve problems in real time by dismissing a false alarm or calling the authorities.

Convenience & Operation

The surveillance camera selection you get from SafeMart is fantastic. When dealing with most monitoring companies, you can only pick from two types of cameras. SafeMart lets you choose from 11 types of security cameras. We look for a few specific types of quality security cameras when we rank the best security equipment. You can choose indoor IP fixed or pan-and-tilt cameras. The resolution for these cameras is usually just under HD quality. When you want protection around the house as well as inside, you have the option to use outdoor infrared bullet cameras. These cameras film in complete color and switch to black and white at night to achieve the highest clarity in the dark.

In addition to security cameras, there are a wide variety of sensors, detectors, medical-alert pendants and key fobs that arm and disarm the system. The drawback to the motion detectors that SafeMart offers is that large pets will set off the alarm. Small dogs and cats won't be picked up, but bigger dogs will.

Help & Support

When you purchase equipment from the website, you will input pre-programming options so that the devices will arrive with the correct settings that match your system. It's very easy to reprogram your equipment using the manuals or by calling or emailing the 24/7 tech support. The company does offer live chat, but it's only available for a few hours a day. You can purchase a warranty, and we advise that you do, because SafeMart does not have repair technicians who can visit your home to fix your devices.



SafeMart is a great choice when you're looking for top-notch security cameras without having to pay an arm and a leg for monthly service. The company does not offer professional installation or have repair technicians, and that may turn many people off. Because it has so many more devices available than other companies, SafeMart is a unique security provider that is worth your money.