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Pros / This smart lock has good support resources, including live chat and a one-year warranty.

Cons / Unlike other Z-Wave smart locks, this product does not function without a smart home system.

 Verdict / The Monoprice Z-Wave Electronic Door Lock is an effective smart lock to add to your home automation system, but it lacks most of the features found in the best smart locks.

Monoprice is an eCommerce retailer that also manufactures electronics. The company's Z-Wave Electronic Door Lock is a good example of a simple smart lock design. As long as you have a compatible home automation system, it offers some useful security tools, convenience features and effective technical support. Since the lock's design and control attributes rely heavily on smart home infrastructure, it doesn't match the quality of the best smart locks.

This smart door lock's security score was on the lower end of our test results. The lock can track when someone uses a key to unlock the door and lets you know when it fails to lock. However, it doesn't have an alarm to deter break-ins and lacks an ANSI/BHMA grade, which means it is missing important security features that help protect your home. While the lock has a keypad, you can only add codes with a compatible home automation system. Not all home automation systems are able to add codes to smart locks.

Once you connect the Monoprice Z-Wave Electronic Door Lock to your home automation system, it starts functioning. This is different from the majority of smart locks, which work without a smart home system. The lock includes automation features such as guest access, remote access, auto-lock, mobile app control and video doorbell compatibility. To connect the lock to a system, you use a simple key command to put the lock in inclusion mode; this creates a wireless dialog between the lock and home automation system. Monoprice doesn't provide an estimated battery life for this product.

Although Monoprice doesn't have any FAQs or video tutorials on its website, direct technical support is available if you need assistance. The company is one of three in our review that offers each of the direct support channels we looked for: email, telephone and live chat. While this lock has a one-year warranty, many of the components are plastic, including the gears that turn the lock. Because of this, it might not last as long as a digital door lock with metal gears.

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The Monoprice Z-Wave Electronic Door Lock is a good smart lock for home automation purposes and is easy to use for the most part. The lock only minimally improves your home’s security and isn't as durable as some of the higher-ranked products in our review. If you're interested in getting a smart home system, this is a good smart lock to try.

Monoprice 10798 Visit Site