A spy camera is most effective when it’s a small, self-contained device manufactured by a reputable company. We chose the spy cam brands in our lineup because they each offer exactly what you look for in the best spy cams: fully functional, independent devices that don’t require any external wires or hookups to record video.

We avoided adding just any brand of hidden spy cam to our list because some fly-by-night companies can go as quickly as they arrive on the scene. In addition to being inconspicuous, many of these mini spy cams are water-resistant, wearable and have night (infrared) vision. For more information on spy cameras and how to use them legally, read our articles on spy cams.

The Best Spy Cams for Mounting

A small pinhole camera can do more than just secretly record events. With a Veho Muvi mini spy cam, you can attach the camera with a bracket to your bike or helmet or car dashboard, or you can hang it around your neck to capture exciting or important scenes. One of the most important features of this little camera is that it’s lightweight, so you won’t be weighed down by a clunky camera. Veho offers a variety of accessories with its mini spy cams, such as a carry pouch, neck chain and spring mount. In some cases, you can even get a waterproof case for your camera. All of Veho Muvi spy cams are battery-powered and store 2GB to 4GB of footage, so your cam is totally wireless.

Veho Muvi

Veho is a consumer electronics brand out of the United Kingdom. With a penchant for cutting-edge, stylish gadgets, the brand has built a robust reputation and is a household name throughout the world. It has manufactured three micro spy cams that can be used in your car or worn on your body.

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Best Spy Cams for Your Car

One of the best-known names in home security devices is Swann. In addition to security cameras, IP cameras and alarms, Swann also makes spy cams. These mini video cameras are self-contained devices that allow you to go wireless and use them in your car or on your body. Most of their spy cams fall under the definition of a dash cam: They include GPS tracking with timestamps that show time and location, and many models auto-record when your vehicle is in motion. Although most of Swann’s portable spy cams are meant to be used for your car, the rechargeable battery lets you take the spy cam wherever you go. All of Swann’s mini cameras record to micro or regular SD cards, so you can easily transfer video to your computer.

Swann Mini Video

Known for its range of diverse surveillance products, Swann is a well-known global frontrunner in security monitoring solutions. While all-inclusive security and alarm systems have long been the company's main focus, Swann has more recently ventured into the world of gadgetry. Swann makes self-contained mini spy cams for practical uses such as a private investigator recording an interview, a business professional recording a seminar or any other situation where clear audio or video recording may be crucial. Its small spy cams can also be mounted in your car or worn on your body.

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Best Mini Spy Cam for Your Pocket

Whether you’re a private investigator or you’re simply in the habit of protecting yourself with video and audio evidence, a pocket spy cam is a valuable investment. LawMate is known for its surveillance products. You can record video and audio using a device smaller than a smartphone, so it easily slips into your front shirt pocket. Given the miniature size of these spy cams, they do not have the capability to deliver high-definition video – nor are they meant to. However, LawMate’s cameras should be able to yield fairly clear video where movement and actions are distinguishable and the audio is mostly intelligible. The battery life on some of these mini spy cams is somewhat short at about an hour, but some last longer. Many of LawMate’s spy cams also come with a window, magnet or clip mount, so you can use these cameras in more places than just your pocket.


LawMate has been making surveillance equipment for years, so the company understands the needs of law enforcers, private investigators and private users who want small spy cameras for security purposes. Among its many cameras is a specific portable camera that’s self-contained, so there’s no need for cables to power it or store footage on an external device.

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Small-But-Mighty Pinhole Cameras

When covert recording is necessary, you want a tiny spy cam that can do its job when you need it to. KJB Security offers small spy cameras that have features such as voice-activated recording, so you can get video and audio of a meeting when you need it. These portable devices record color video to a memory card that you can use to transfer your recordings to your computer for later viewing. Even if you’re not looking to use a spy camera as a private eye or officer, these pinhole cameras are fun to use to record extreme sport attempts, attach to your dog’s collar to see what they do when you’re gone or just as a personal camcorder.

KJB Security Products

A mini spy camera needs certain features to be worthwhile, and KJB Security Products understands those features. The manufacturer has been making security cameras, hidden cameras and self-contained spy cameras for more than 20 years. The company offers the Mini Camcorder that’s a good choice for anyone conducting covert operations or someone who simply wants to record extreme sports in action.

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Spy cams aren’t just meant for secret agents or those who work in law enforcement; they can offer you protection in many situations, even if you just use one for home security. These are portable, though, so they can join you on a walk, in your car, or when you snowboard down a double-black-diamond ski run.