Amcrest is known for its security cameras and GPS trackers, but it also ventured into the spy camera arena with a couple of tiny, practical cameras. These are self-contained spy cameras, so you won’t need to plug them in to capture video or keep them powered, making them wireless solutions.

The Qcam Mini Video Hidden Camera offers security in a different way than most spy cams. Its 62-degree viewing angle is wide enough to show you what you need to see for security purposes. And it includes motion detection recording, so it won’t continue to record video if there’s nothing there to see. Its design is plain and can fit in with any decor so that it remains hidden and inconspicuous. You can also schedule recordings, so if you know there’s a specific time you want to record an event, it’s not a problem. Also, this camera can track when an event happened with time and date stamps.

This mini spy video camera supports up to a 64GB microSD memory card, so you can store hours of footage. Also, you can choose the resolution you would prefer and framerate, which allows you to record even more if you choose low-res and low-FPS video. This camera comes with a USB cable for transferring video and chargers to keep your battery powered. You have to buy a memory card separately.

Amcrest’s Qcam Infrared HD Hidden Camera is another good choice for a spy cam, but this one offers higher-quality video than Amcrest’s other option. It includes the same features as the other mini spy cam, such as motion detection and scheduled recordings, but it also offers infrared lights for clear night vision recording. It also has a powerful rechargeable battery that can last up to 24 hours. Its 160-degree viewing angle is one of the widest for this type of camera. It also supports a 64GB microSD card, though you have to buy that separately.

Amcrest knows security, and its hidden mini spy cameras are no different than their other security cameras. You get high-quality video, depending on the resolution and framerate you choose. You can use your own microSD card up to 64GB, which means you can store hours of footage, and then transfer it using the included USB cable.