The name FREDI is well known in the world of spy equipment. Although most of this manufacturer’s cameras transmit wirelessly, the company does make some small self-contained spy cameras.

FREDI’s Portable Mini Hidden Camera is a sphere that can easily fit in a pocket or the palm of your hand, or you can fasten it on the included mount to capture high definition video anywhere. This mini spy camera can record clearly even in low light. The built-in lithium battery is rechargeable and works for about 100 minutes at a time. It supports memory cards for your video footage, but it doesn’t include a card. This tiny spy cam weighs less than 4 ounces and measures slightly less than 1.5 inches long. The spherical shape of the camera is unique among spy cams, but it has a flat side where you insert cables and a microSD card, so you can rest it on objects without it falling over.

Another spy camera that’s small enough for almost any surveillance job is the FREDI Portable Mini Hidden Spy Camera. This cube is tiny enough to easily slip into a front pocket and be nearly undetectable. It’s a couple of inches wide and high, and it weighs only a few ounces. This mini spy cam includes motion detection, so you can set it up and keep it on standby; when motion is detected, it begins to record. Video footage is stored on a microSD memory card, but you have to buy one separately. The cam is battery-powered, making it totally portable. It also includes infrared light technology, so you can use it in low light conditions and still get clear video.

Both cameras offer high definition video, but they also have lower resolution video, which saves you space on your memory card. You can use the included USB cable to transfer video from the cameras to your computer and sift through the footage later. FREDI offers a one-year warranty on most of its spy cameras, so if you get a defective unit, you can return it for repairs or a replacement.

FREDI spy cameras are small enough to carry with you on surveillance jobs, but they’re also a good choice for home security. Motion detection saves your camera’s battery and space on your memory card.