Minigadgets is in the business of making surveillance equipment on a small scale for spy purposes. Its camsticks are good choices when you’re in need of a mini spy camera.

The CamStickHD is a high definition camstick that’s small in size but powerful in function. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket or hand, and you have recording options. You can press a button to start recording, or trust the motion or sound detection to kick it into gear. It’s a self-contained spy camera, which means video footage is stored internally, and it’s battery powered so it’s wireless. The 8GB internal memory can hold 80 minutes of footage at high resolution, and you can use a microSD card for extra storage.

Minigadgets also makes CamStickMA, a motion-activated camstick that’s tiny and includes infrared lights for night vision. This spy cam only records when it detects motion, and only gets about 30 seconds of that motion. This saves battery power and space on its memory card, so there’s no wasted footage. It picks up motion at night, too, and can record clear video up to 20 feet away, thanks to its IR sensors. This small spy camera doesn’t include an SD card, but it supports the use of one up to 32GB, which means you can store hours of footage.

You can also choose the CamStickSportHD, an action sports camera that can easily be worn to capture all of your extreme sports. The difference between this mini camera and the other spy cams is its ruggedness. The casing is tough and the body is made of metal – it’s shock and water resistant, so you can take it with you when you’re hitting the slopes or whitewater rafting. It has night vision and supports up to a 32GB microSD card, so you can get hours of footage wherever you are. Plus, this cam includes an elastic strap, a mount for the strap and a clip mount, so you can attach this to your mountain bike or wear it on your body.

Minigadgets CamSticks are a great choice for small, wearable spy cameras. They are inconspicuous and can store hours of footage. A motion-activated spy cam is a good choice if you’re using the cam for security reasons.

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