Veho is a consumer electronics brand out of the United Kingdom. With a penchant for cutting-edge, stylish gadgets, the brand has built a robust reputation and is a household name throughout the world. It has manufactured three micro spy cams that can be used in your car or worn on your body.

The Veho Muvi Atom has a recording LED indicator, VOX (or noise-activated) standby mode and data transferring through an included USB cable. The mini camera also has a durable alloy casing and a decent maximum viewing angle of 80 degrees. The camera is touted by Veho as one of the smallest camcorders in the world. It weighs a miniscule 1.4 ounces and measures 1.75 inches in height and just 0.75 inches in both depth and width. Aside from its small dimensions, the all-black color scheme helps make the Atom an ideal hidden spy camera that can easily be concealed either on the body or in a room (though the camera is also available in white).

One of the best things about this particular spy cam is the surprising amount of mounting hardware it comes with, enabling even easier and more covert surveillance. The mini camera comes with a wall mounting bracket, helmet mounting bracket, spring mounting clip, head strap and neck chain. Moreover, users will also find included Velcro, screws and straps to facilitate convenient and secure attachment just about anywhere, like on bike handlebars or a shirt pocket.

The Veho Muvi Micro is another small spy cam that is similar to the Atom, but it offers a little less than its cousins from the Veho Muvi series. You get a 72-degree viewing angle and only a 2GB microSD card. A 2GB microSD memory card means the mini camera can store up to 90 minutes of recorded footage internally. You can expect a framerate of about 20 to 25 frames per second, which means the video you record may seem a bit choppy. This spy cam doesn’t come with as many accessories as the Atom – you can expect to find a spring mounting clip, neck chain and carrying pouch for your tiny spy cam in the box.

Another spy cam from the Muvi line is the Veho Muvi Micro Pro. It’s as tiny and lightweight as the Micro, but it includes a 4GB microSD card and records video at 30 frames per second, which is similar to standard television. You get the same accessories as the Micro, though, so you’re paying more for a larger SD card and higher framerate.

All of the Veho Muvi spy cams offer the standard video and image specifications found on most comparable self-contained spy cams, with an image resolution of 2MP (megapixels) and video resolution of 640 x 480. The camera's video function shoots in AVI format (a video format compatible with Windows operating systems).

Veho Muvi offers a few different options for those who need a mini spy cam. If you need mounting capabilities, decent memory capacity and compact, stylish design, the Atom would be a good choice. If you are looking for a tiny novelty hidden spy camera to use for personal enjoyment and fun, but mounting options aren’t important to you, the Micro Pro and Micro would work well for you.

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