The Vapor Clean Gaia is a highly adaptable steam vacuum because of its variety of accessories. It has a robust motor, a HEPA filter and vacuum power levels similar to a commercial steam vac. However, you can still maneuver this heavy steam vacuum well with its compact design and wheels.

In addition to steam cleaning and vacuuming, this machine has a carpet extractor so it can clean carpet as well as hardwood floors, marble, granite, slate and laminate. It has five levels of vacuum suction, which lets you adjust the cleaning power depending on the stain. Accessories include extension wands, three sizes of squeegees for large or small windows, a crevice tool with a detail brush to vacuum couches or window tracks, a vacuum-driven beater bar and a soft-bristled brush for upholstery. There are a few unique attachments as well: You'll get an accessory that reverses the vacuum flow to create a blower and a steam booster for heavy cleaning of upholstery or mattresses.

It has a HEPA filter, a high-efficiency air filter, which is important if you have allergies, asthma or other health problems. Most steam vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are for commercial use and are at the highest price range, so it's impressive to see this level of filtration in a cheaper steam vacuum. Its powerful 1,700-watt motor is crucial because the motor needs to push air through the dense filter.

The steam vac is heavy at 21 pounds, but because it's a canister vacuum, it has wheels that let you easily pull it. The water tank can hold about 6.5 cups, and its injector tank for detergent or shampoo has the same capacity, so you don't have to worry about refilling the water or soap often.

The Gaia reaches an operating pressure of 60 PSI; models that are more expensive usually reach 75 PSI. Steam that is more pressurized is more effective in cleaning grout and tough stains. The hose has an on/off switch, so you don't have to hold a trigger for continuous steam. As you're steam cleaning, there's a beeper to notify you when the water tank is empty or the injector is low. This audible notification is a convenient feature as most steam vacuums only have transparent tanks that you have to keep an eye on as you work.

Vapor Clean has a strict return policy, so you can only return the steam vacuum if it hasn't been used. However, it has an extensive warranty policy: a one-year warranty on parts and labor and a lifetime warranty on the boiler and heater element. There isn't a FAQs page on the company website, but there is a phone number and email address to contact customer support.

This steam vacuum cleaner packs a punch with its 1,700-watt motor and HEPA filter similar to commercial models. The Vapor Clean Gaia gives you plenty of control, with five vacuum levels and specialized accessories.

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