Our mobile devices make knowledge available at our fingertips, no matter where we are. Tablets, such as Apple's iPads, can give us step-by-step instructions while driving, provide valuable package information for delivery drivers, and even keep young kids entertained in the back seat with movies and games. iPad car mounts come in a variety of designs, and different models are compatible with all different versions of the iPad. Tablets fit securely in these car mounts, and some mounts even provide a protective case to ensure that no matter what road trip accidents may come, your tablet can endure it. For more information and ideas on car entertainment, check out our articles on iPad car mounts.

Best Viewing Angles

Once you know your iPad isn't going anywhere, you should test the mount's range of movement. All cars are different, as well as every child. An adjustable mount means that, even as your child grows, they can still see the screen. The best iPad car mounts are suitable whether you have the iPad in landscape or portrait mode and let you adjust the angle of viewing. Many of the best mounts provide 360-degree rotation so you can easily rotate the screen for all passengers to view it. In addition, look for mounts that allow you to tilt the screen. If you are using a headrest mount, a short passenger may have a difficult time seeing the screen if it is not tilted down, particularly if that passenger is buckled in his or her seat.


Arkon iPad car mounts are an excellent option to keep your device safe and entertain those in the back seat during a car trip. This company provides all types of tablet mounts that are compatible with different versions of the Apple iPad. Additionally, many of the mounts from this company boast a two-year warranty in case you have any issues or concerns.

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Best Help & Support

Most iPad car mounts are covered under a manufacturer warranty. These warranties range from one to five years. The best iPad car mounts offer a manufacturer warranty of two years or longer.

While using these products, if you have any questions regarding installation or use, you need to be able to contact support representatives. Many of the best companies offer email, telephone and even live chat support. Also, spend some time on the company websites. Many companies provide online versions of the user manuals, and you may also find support resources such as FAQs, articles and even forums that can provide answers you need.


Cotytech sells a variety of accessories for your electronic devices, including car mounts for your iPad. This company has a decent inventory of car mounts of all designs, including ones that you can install on your headrest and even in your cup holders.

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Most Compatible

It is also important to consider how versatile the mount is. Some of these mounts aren't just for iPads. Some are suitable for a variety of electronic devices, including Windows and Android tablets and even eReaders. But an increase in versatility sometimes means that you lose some of the functionality, since the harness doesn't fit as snugly.

Some companies only offer car mounts for specific iPad models. While having a mount designed for the exact dimensions of your iPad ensures a secure fit, it can also be a nuisance if you choose to upgrade your iPad. If you upgrade your device, you will need to purchase an entirely new mount, which is an additional purchase that can be avoided. Several mounts adjust to fit a range of iPad sizes. Check closely what models or size of tablet the car mount can fit before making any purchases. If you miss this critical step, you may encounter a few unwanted falls for your iPad.


You don't have to worry about long car rides with lots of fighting anymore with Cygnett. This company provides iPad car mounts for your back-seat passengers to enjoy. It doesn't offer the large inventory of iPad car mounts that similar companies do, but it does have quality products that allow you to easily use your tablets and other mobile devices on the road.

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What Type of iPad Car Mounts Are Available?

The real trick to an iPad holder for your car is to find the right design that suits you and your family's needs. Multiple designs are available for different passengers and different purposes. One of the most popular design options is a headrest mount for the iPad. With this type of design, the car mount installs on the back of most headrests. This type of mount Is ideal if you have passengers in the back seat such as young children. You can keep them busy with movies or games during long road trips or carpools.

Windshield car mounts for the iPad are another common design option. These mounts feature large suction cups that you can easily install onto your vehicle's windshields. These products feature a large, extendable arm that brings your tablet closer to you, allowing you to access information within arm's reach. This kind of mount is ideal for delivery drivers, repairmen or other individuals who spend a lot of time in their vehicles.

Cup holder mounts install directly into one of your vehicle's cup holders. This type of mount also uses a long extendable arm that places the tablet within arm's reach. It also allows you to position the iPad at a perfect viewing angle for front-seat passengers. Floor mounts are also available, but these are not as common as several similar mounts. These mounts install on your vehicle's floor. They too feature an extendable arm, allowing them to reach to either the driver or the front-seat passenger. However, one drawback to this design is that the installation is much more complex and time-consuming. Three of the popular manufacturers for iPad Car Mounts are Padholdr, iPadket and Cotytech.

Are These Devices Safe to Use in the Car?

iPad mounts for the car are designed to help you easily access your tablet while in your vehicle. However, there are some laws and restrictions in many states that limit your use of certain mounts that you should be aware of. Windshield mounts are the most restricted type of iPad holder for your car. Each state has its own laws regarding windshield mounts and whether you can or cannot use them. Some states have certain restrictions on where you can mount the device on the windshield, while some states completely prohibit their use. Even if a windshield mount is allowed in your state, if you drive through certain states with the mount installed, you can still get a ticket there.

It is important that, if you do have your iPad mounted in the front seat, you never use the tablet while you are driving. Using these devices while driving greatly increases your chances of being in an accident. If you need to use your tablet, pull over; never take your eyes off of the road while driving.

iPad Car Mounts: What to Look For

When looking for the best iPad car mount for your needs, you need to determine the design, functionality and versatility of the device. There isn't much to these devices; it is the small details that define whether the mount will be useful to you. Below are a few of the features you should consider before you purchase this type of product for your iPad.

Design & Protection
The first thing to look for is the type of mount design you desire. You need to decide what will work best for you or your family and what the main use of the iPad will be in your vehicle – for entertainment or for work. If you have kids, you may want to consider a headrest mount, which allows all of your back-seat passengers a clear viewing angle for movies or shows. If you are mainly on the road for business, consider a cup holder, windshield or floor iPad car mount.

After you have decided what type of iPad mount design will work best for you, you need one that provides the ultimate protection for your tablet. If your tablet is within arm's reach, you never know when a bump could knock your iPad out of place, or even when hitting an unexpected pothole with a drink in your hand could spill soda all over your iPad. Some of the best mounts feature a water-resistant case that can handle any spilled drinks. Other products, such as Snugg iPad headrest mounts, require you to also purchase a protective case for your iPad that fits in the mount. This way, you have the ultimate protection even while the tablet is secure in the mount.

The installation process for your car mount will differ by design. Some can be installed within minutes, while others can take much longer and require a handful of tools. Installing headrest mounts, for example, can be a quick process or take some time. Most of these mounts adjust to fit all headrests, no matter the size of the seat. These models can use clamps or straps to securely hold the tablet in place. However, you will want to make sure the clamps or straps that hold the iPad won't fail. Some of the mounts attach to both poles in the headrest, while others only attach to one. With straps, the location of the headrest posts doesn't even matter. One method isn't necessarily better than the other as far as stability goes, but each style has different strengths.

Even though your iPad is securely in the car mount, you still need to be able to access it. If you want your iPad close to you, look for a mount with an extendable arm that allows you to move the iPad as close to you as possible. You also want to make sure that while the iPad is securely mounted, the car mount doesn't cover the controls and buttons on the device. You need to have full control of the tablet.

Though there isn't much to the mechanical workings of an iPad car mount, the few components vary significantly across the board. When looking for the best mount, you want to make sure that it keeps the iPad secure and visible so your children will have something to entertain them during long car rides. With the right mount, you can make long rides and even your work trips much more enjoyable.