Scosche provides iPad car mounts, specifically headrest mounts, to keep your passengers entertained. These mounts work for a variety of iPads, feature 360-degree rotation and secure construction, and require little to no tools to install.

Scosche provides headrest mount designs. With this type of iPad car mount, you install the mount on the back of a headrest, making the tablet easily accessible to your back-seat passengers. When you install these headrest mounts, you don't need any tools, and it takes a matter of minutes. The headrest design is adjustable, so the mount fits on almost any size of headrest. It also has a durable and secure fit, so you never have to worry about the protection of your iPad.

Many of these Scosche iPad car mounts provide features for clear viewing. Many of them have 360-degree rotation so all passengers in the back seat can have a clear view of the tablet's screen. Most mounts rotate so you can view your tablet either horizontally or vertically.

Many of these mounts are compatible with a variety of iPads. They can expand to work with tablets of all sizes, but most of them are for tablets that are 8 to 10 inches. The adjustable options of these iPad car mounts mean you don't need to purchase another car mount if you upgrade your tablet.

This company provides a one-year manufacturer warranty on most of its iPad car mounts. This is the average amount of time these products are covered, but some of the best iPad car mount companies offer at least a two-year warranty.

Scosche provides several customer support options if you need to speak directly with a representative. This company offers live chat along with telephone and email. You can also access user manuals on the company website to help you throughout the installation process and to fully utilize these products.

Scosche's iPad car mounts are designed to help passengers enjoy their long car rides in any vehicle. The headrest mount design is good for kids and back-seat passengers to view the tablet, and this company provides excellent customer support options.