Snugg has a wide assortment of headrest mounts for your iPad. This company offers mounts for all different versions of the iPad and even a few different color options. However, these mounts are much more limited than most in how you can position and angle your tablet for clear viewing, and you must make two purchases to use your mount from this company.

With Snugg's headrest car mounts, the first purchase you have to make is the case that holds the iPad. This case protects your tablet but is a little bulky. There are fun colors to choose from for this case. The second purchase is the mount holder. This has an odd design. It not only relies on a strap around the headrest but under it and over it as well.

To attach the case to the mount, you slide a hook on the cover through the strap. Because of this, you are limited to one viewing angle, which means only the person sitting directly in front of the iPad can have a clear view. And if they are short, they may still have a difficult time seeing the picture. So in the long run, if you only have one person who wants to watch a movie in the back, then this mount is sufficient. Otherwise, you might have to look elsewhere for a headrest mount.

These headrest mounts are each designed for only one version of the iPad. You will have to look through the inventory to find your specific version before purchasing a mount. This can be a bother if you upgrade your iPad, because you have to purchase a new case and mount for each upgrade.

If you are not happy with your purchase from the company, you have up to 28 days from the time you purchased your product to receive a full refund. You can also contact representatives from this company via email. We could not find any telephone or live chat support available, which is inconvenient if you have an immediate question.

The biggest problem with the Snugg iPad car mount line is that it requires two purchases. Though the case is made to be used on a daily basis, it's bulky and not as useful as some of the other mounts out there. However, there are fun color options to liven up the appearance of your tablet.