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Pros / This processor integrates with QuickBooks to help you track your finances.

Cons / It's one of the few mobile processors that charges a PCI-compliance fee.

 Verdict / QuickBooks GoPayment approves applications quickly and has lower rates than many competitors, but it charges a PCI-compliance fee.

QuickBooks GoPayment provides iPhone card readers and mobile credit card processing. Its parent company is Intuit, the company that developed QuickBooks. Though you aren't required to use QuickBooks in order to have a QuickBooks GoPayment account, it may be beneficial since it integrates with QuickBooks software and automatically enters all of your transactions, which can be helpful if you want a comprehensive, up-to-date view of your business's finances. You can also use the company's Apple Watch app to monitor your QuickBooks GoPayment sales.

This processor combines mobile credit card processing accounts under its master merchant account, which helps the company quickly approve applications and reduces the fees you pay. This practice of aggregating accounts is common in the mobile processing industry.

QuickBooks GoPayment provides a free magstripe Apple card reader to all of its merchants and sells an EMV-compliant mobile credit card reader for $30.

You can sign up for one of two different plans with this iPhone credit card processor: a pay-as-you-go plan or a monthly plan. The monthly plan includes a monthly fee but has lower rates. We reviewed the pay-as-you-go plan, since we believe it better fits the needs of a small business looking to accept credit card payments using an iPhone or iPad.

The pay-as-you-go plan offers a flat rate of 2.40 percent in addition to a $0.25 fee for every transaction. If you need to manually enter a card's information, the rate is 3.40 percent plus the $0.25 per-transaction fee. These rates are lower than the rates of most of the other processors we reviewed.

With this pay-as-you-go-plan, you are required to pay a PCI-compliance fee, a rarity among mobile processors that aggregate accounts. The amount of this fee varies depending on the number of transactions you process. If you make 100 or more transactions a year, the fee is $100.

This mobile processor rated highly on transparency and consistency. It posts detailed information about terms, pricing, and fees on its website, and this information is consistent with the information our reviewers received when we spoke with the company's representatives.

The application for QuickBooks GoPayment can be completed online. You may need to enter an EIN to finish your application. This processor can set up your account the same day you apply. If you'd like a faster setup, it's best to apply via phone. QuickBooks GoPayment takes between two and three days to deposit money from transactions into your account, which is longer than average in this industry.

QuickBooks GoPayment earned a high customer service score. The agents we spoke with were quick to follow up with us to answer our questions. However, this processor doesn't offer 24/7 phone support or dedicated account representatives.

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QuickBooks GoPayment has different pricing options for iPhone credit card processing, and the pay-as-you-go plan is a good choice for small businesses. However, this company is one of the few mobile processors that charges a PCI-compliance fee, and this fee can be quite expensive depending on the number of transactions your company processes each year.

QuickBooks GoPayment Compare Quotes

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