Everyone needs a little help to wake up and get ready to face the day, and sometimes, the alarm on your iPod just doesn’t do the job. Maybe you’re a deep sleeper who needs multiple alarms, or you have a tendency to doze back off, or maybe you’re the type who swipes their iPod alarm off and goes right back to sleep.

To make sure you aren’t running late, we’ve compiled a list of top iPod clock radio brands. We based our lineup on value, quality, reliability and versatility. We chose full-size iPod clock radios and avoided peripherals like Bluetooth speakers. We also focused on compatibility with Apple products, particularly iPods. If you want alarm clocks or clock radios with docking for products besides Apple, check out our best alarm clocks lineup.

When choosing the brands for our lineup, we looked at connectivity, alarm options, power and extra features. Clock radios can offer you much more than an iPod or smartphone alarm. They can wake you up in different ways, including by vibrating the bed, and many offer multiple alarms, auto-sync and adjustable snooze timers. For more information, read our articles on iPod clock radios.

Best iPod Clock Radio for a Budget

Memorex is our choice for the best iPod clock radios for budget-conscious consumers. These devices aren’t flashy, but they are highly functional. Multiple functions like dual alarms, large displays and full-range speaker drivers combined with a solid build makes these products stand out for good value.

Although Memorex clock radios don’t have many frills, including aesthetically pleasing designs, their utilitarian style gives them a robust, compact build that’s ideal for everyday use. Many of these radios have battery backups so you won’t oversleep, even in the event of a power outage. Some units have two USB ports, letting you charge two devices at the same time. Models with a line-in jack let you access music from a variety of music devices, and double full-range speaker drivers deliver crisp, clear audio.


Memorex iPod clock radios are our choice for the budget-conscious consumer. These products are affordable and functional. Prioritizing function over form, the clock radio line from Memorex offers solid, reliable performance and a number of essential features at a good-value price point.

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Best iPod Clock Radio for Busy Professionals

Our first choice for busy professionals is the iPod clock radio line from iHome. These radios are packed with features and offer plenty of customization options, so you can establish the right sleep and wake settings for your preferences. You can choose gradual wake and gradual sleep options to ease you gently to sleep and to wake you without a start. You have a variety of alarm sources and tones to choose from, and you can charge and sync iPhones, iPods and iPads via a lightning dock or USB cable and port on the radio. Programmable snooze times, dual alarms, custom alarm settings and battery backups help to keep you on schedule. Aux-in jacks allow you to connect other auxiliary audio sources, including CD players or your computer. Adjustable equalization lets you fine-tune your audio experience.


iHome iPod clock radios work with an extensive range of products. Along with Apple products like iPads, iPods and iPhones, these clock radios are compatible with many Android devices. Adaptable and versatile, clock radios from iHome are available for every budget.

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Best iPod Clock Radio for Frequent Travelers

If you travel a lot for business or pleasure and you need something more than your phone alarm to get you up and running in the morning, you need a travel-friendly clock radio. The clock radios from Philips are our first choice for frequent travelers. These devices are feature-rich and work well as iPod clock radios for everyday use, but they have a few features that really make them stand out as travel-friendly.

Many models have a clock sync feature, so the time on the radio automatically syncs to the time on your iPhone, iPod or iPad when you connect them. This is useful when your time zone changes frequently. Some also let you charge up to three devices simultaneously so all your equipment is ready for the day ahead. Line-in jacks, USB ports and lightning docks let you charge a wide range of devices and access alternative audio.


iPod radio alarm clocks from Philips have a variety of useful features and eye-catching designs. This brand is our first choice for iPod clock radios for frequent travelers thanks to their reliability and travel-friendly features.

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Not all iPod clock radios have the same level of connectivity. Some let you dock your iPod, iPad or iPhone into a lightning dock on top of the device. Others require you to connect via a USB cable. You’ll find models that charge your docked device and ones that charge up to three devices at the same time, while other basic models won’t charge at all. Those with line-in jacks let you connect to other audio sources like a CD player or your laptop.

Alarm Options

There’s a great deal of flexibility and variation between brands and models when it comes to alarm options. Some only let you choose waking up to your connected device, the radio or the native alarm sound. More feature-rich products let you choose from a variety of native alarms, including nature sounds. Some offer bed vibration, dual alarms, gradual alarms and gradual sleep functions. You’ll also find ones with programmable snooze so you can set the snooze interval length.


Most iPod alarm clock radios run on mains or AC power, which is perfectly acceptable until you need an alarm while you’re camping or the power cuts out. So, where possible, it’s a good plan to choose an iPod clock radio with a battery backup.

Extra Features

Extras vary between brands and models. You’ll find iPod radios with remote controls for extra convenience and customizable equalization settings so you can fine-tune your audio preferences. Radio station presets and easy-read displays are common features in good-quality iPod clock radios.