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iPod Clock Radio Reviews

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Why You Need an iPod Clock Radio

Sometimes the alarm functions on your iPhone or iPod aren’t loud enough to wake you in the morning. Maybe you need two alarms, because you’re a deep sleeper and a single alarm isn’t sufficient. Whatever your reason, purchasing an iPod clock radio can help you save space, time and money. The iPod docks are multi-functional and offer a variety of alarm features. You can select music from your iPod or iPhone and slowly wake up to your favorite music. You’ll also be able to wake up to a buzzer or a radio, if you’d rather. Compare some of the best iPod dock clock radios with the most innovative features are from iHome, iLuv and Philips.

An iPod clock radio will provide a convenient way for you to store and charge your iPod or iPhone. Most iPhone clock radios are also compatible with other iPod devices such as the iPod Nano, iPod classic and iPod touch. All the devices we reviewed are compatible with all even the latest Apple devices, including the iPhone 4.

iPod Clock Radio: What to Look For

With so many devices that have a varying degree of functionality and ease of use, selecting an iPod clock radio can be overwhelming. We tested sound features, alarm functions and customer service options. While none of these iPod clock radios will be able to replace the sound quality of a 5.1 channel surround sound system with sub woofers, some of them are quite impressive. We ranked each iPhone clock radio with the following criteria:

Most of the basic features were universal and present on each iPhone clock radio we reviewed. They all had alarm, radio and clock options. However, we also delve more into each different product and look at the sound options offered, the alarm sounds and also the compatibility. This is also where we record any special features, such as a video display screen.

We also review the compatibility options of each docking station. Most of the devices are also compatible with other MP3 devices and phones. However, these other media sources are most often not charged by the docks.

In this area we primarily look at the sound quality of each different iPod dock clock radios. We review the sound at all different volumes and with a variety of music. If there are any problems with the way an alarm performs, such as freezing or malfunctions, this is where we record the issues.

Ease of use
This section of the review deals primarily with the alarm setting process and how simple it is to control the other features. We take a look at everything from button placement to how large and easy it is to see the menus and screens.

Help & Support
We review the different customer service options offered by the manufacturer, including telephone, email and chat support. We contact each manufacturer with questions and issues to see how quickly and easily they are resolved. This is also where we review the warranties.

Whether you are looking for an alarm, a convenient place to charge your iPhone, a set of speakers or a combination of these features, you’re bound to find some great products from our iPod clock radio reviews. For more information, read our articles on iPod clock radios. For all the latest technology news and gadgets, be sure to check out our Facebook Fan Page and follow us on Twitter @TopTenREVIEWS.

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