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iHome iP90 Review

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PROS / This iPod clock radio has a complete feature set and is easy to use.

CONS / This docking station is not compatible with the iHome app.

 VERDICT / We highly recommend this iPod clock radio because of its comprehensive features.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top iPod Clock Radio here.

iHome iP90

The iHome iP90 iPod clock radio is affordable, produces great sound and has all the extra bells and whistles needed to make this product really stand out. We liked the different sound settings, one for normal listening, and another for sleep, etc. Also, the docking station is easy to use. 


The iHome iP90 iPod clock radio has great sound quality. It also goes the extra mile by having a large variety of alarm and other features. The alarm can be from your iPhone, iPod, radio or a buzzer. When the iPhone receives a call, text message, email or any other alert, the speakers play a noise. If you turn your phone to silent, you will hear the alarm when it sounds, but no phone calls or message alerts go off. This feature is helpful if you are waiting for a phone call from work or your children are out late. While other phones, MP3 players and devices plug into the speakers through a line- in jack, you cannot use these devices for alarms. The sound will steadily get louder as the alarm turns on and help wakes you up gradually. This feature prevents an extremely loud radio from blasting you out of bed.

The iHome iP90 iPod clock radio has a programmable snooze time. You can set this easily from the main menu. One of the features advertized is that every button, except the snooze button serves as an “off” button for the alarm. This can be a positive feature, or a drawback depending on your preference. We found it to be very helpful to be able to simply reach over and hit whatever button we could find as we stumbled out of bed.

The iPhone clock radio’s buttons are clearly labeled and illuminated. Unlike older iHome clock radio models, this model has clickable buttons that you push, rather than spin. The entire display is illuminated and adjustable so it does not disturb your sleep. We wished that just the numbers were illuminated. We couldn't seem to find a precise fit for the device to make it work exactly right for us. The remote, while handy, is not lit, and there are few features offered. You cannot start or stop a docked iPod or iPhone with the remote.

With the iHomeiP90SX you will not have to put your iPhone in airplane mode for it to work, as you have to do with older iHome clock radio models. Whatever sound your iPhone would make is broadcasted through the speakers; message alerts, ringtones, etc. If you are waiting for an important call from work or from a child that is out late, this iPhone clock radio allows you to keep the phone turned on loud. When the phone is in silent mode, no sound comes through the speakers.

This iPod clock radio is totally compatible with all the latest iPhone and iPod gear, including fifth generation gear. We had no difficulty connecting any of the Apple devices and through the line-in jack we were able to listen to whatever media source we wanted.

The iPod clock radio keeps perfect time because it syncs with your iPhone or iPod to get the correct satellite time. Plus, it automatically adjusts for daylight savings time. The iPhone clock radio has different presets for weekends and weekdays, so you won’t be jarred unexpectedly out of bed on a Saturday morning because you forgot to turn off your alarm.

The iPhone clock radio is not app-enhanced, meaning the iHome iPhone app does not work with this dock. However, we really didn’t miss much and aren’t disappointed by the lack of the app because the iPhone clock radio already has most of the app’s features.

The iHome iPod clock radio comes in gray or black. The iPhone clock radio is small and can easily fit on any nightstand or dresser. The design is modern and the look is professional. It is the perfect blend of iPod speakers and alarm clock.


The iHome iP90 iPod clock radio advertizes a bigger sound with this model than previous editions. We felt it delivered on its promise. While it is no substitute for a full 5.1-channel surround sound system, this little iPhone clock radio does relatively well at low and medium sound settings. At the ultra-loud we noticed some loss in sound quality.

Like most small speaker systems, the iHome iP90 is lacking some bass power. Also, as is the case with smaller speakers, there is little to no stereo separation with this model. The sound can get quite loud and considering the price, size and other features, this little iPod clock radio does pretty well and is one of the best models that the manufacturer has ever produced. It is affordable, reliable and it has some of the best features offered by iPhone clock radios.

You won’t have any trouble with this iPod clock radio alarm and you can rely on it to wake you up on time. The system never freezes, like some other similar products. The alarm is loud, much louder than portable devices. It should wake even the deepest sleepers.

Ease of Use

There are a few small steps to use this iPod clock radio. Attach the AC adapter to the station and plug it into the wall. Next, plug the antenna into the station. Select the dock that fits your iPhone or iPad and insert it into the station. Gently dock the device and set your radio presets and alarm times.

The iHome clock radio has a helpful user manual that will help you set everything up quickly and easily. The buttons are all clearly labeled and the entire station is very intuitive. You are sure to have a positive experience with this iPod clock radio.

Setting all the different sound options is also simple and quick. You can use the main menu to set custom sleep and snooze times. You can have both of these options turned on at the same time. We loved all the different sound options and features, and the iHome iPod dock helps make it super simple to set up.

Help & Support

The manufacturer offers a variety of useful customer service options. When we called the toll-free customer service line, we were instantly connected to a knowledgeable and friendly customer service representative. The manufacturer’s website has a downloadable user manual, sections for frequently asked questions and email support addresses. The manufacturer offers a limited one-year warranty on the docking station.


iHome is the dominate force when it comes to iPhone clock radios and the iHome iP90 model is easily one of the best. The sound quality is phenomenal and so are all the many included features. From setup to wake up, this iPod clock radio is all that you would expect in a 21st century alarm clock.

iHome iP90