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The Best Portable Solar Chargers of 2017

Solar Chargers: Convert Sunshine to Energy

The Best Portable Solar Chargers of 2017
Portable Solar Chargers
SolarJOOS Orange

Portable Solar Chargers Review

Why Buy Portable Solar Chargers?

More than ever, we rely on rechargeable batteries for everyday convenience. Cellphones and other mobile devices need power to function, and solar chargers offer one way to keep the energy flowing. With the right panels, you can harness the sun's energy to power all of your most important tools. Portable solar power offers a clean energy solution for all sorts of activities. A few models on the market are the X-Dragon High Efficiency 20W Solar Panel Charger, Solar Joos Orange Portable Solar Charger and Levin Solstar Solar Panel Charger.

Portable solar power chargers give you access to all of your most important tools, even when you spend time off the grid. This kind of freedom lets you spend more time doing activities like hiking and less time tethered to a power outlet.

Portable Solar Chargers: What to Look For

Portable solar chargers come in several different styles. Some units come with big solar panels that capture and transfer large amounts of energy. Others prioritize large storage capacities so you can charge your devices anytime you need. You can find the solar charger you need when you consider each of the following aspects:

Power Output
Different portable solar chargers come with different power output options. Many of the most popular models include USB outputs, but even these vary in speed. Most mobile devices come with standard USB chargers, and other models have adapters that allow them to benefit from a USB connection. When you check for power outputs, you can often learn about the charging speed at the same time.

Storage Capacity
Not every portable solar power charger comes with energy storage capacity. Some models offer only panels and power outputs. With these, you connect your device and leave it to charge for as long as the panel sits out in the sun. Other models come with on-board energy storage. These advanced solar chargers store energy for when you need it, so you can charge your devices even after the sun goes down.

Panel Type & Charge Time
Larger panels collect more sunlight, but portable solar chargers cannot take up as much room as a permanent installation. Instead, these models must fold up for storage, and they must allow for easy setup.

When you check out each unit's solar panels, the panel wattage tells you just what to expect. Panels with higher wattage can produce more power and will charge devices much quicker than those with lower wattage.

Additional Features
Some portable solar panels come with special accessories to help customize your experience. Some include LED lamps for camping, and many come with pouches that protect against the elements.

Portable solar chargers keep your most important devices charged, even when you step away from traditional power sources. These panels use different wattages to produce clean, renewable energy. Some store the energy for later and others require a direct connection during daylight hours. Find the portable solar power charger that works most effectively for your lifestyle.