Pros / This charger doubles as a stand, so you can use your phone in both horizontal and vertical orientations while it charges.

Cons / The USB port is on the side instead of the back, which means the cable can get in the way.

 Verdict / While the Adata Elite CE700 is not the most powerful charger, it doubles as a stand and is one of the most attractive wireless chargers out there.

The Adata Elite CE700 is one of the most interesting-looking wireless chargers on the market. Its innovative design doubles the wireless charger as a stand. It's made of two separate pieces that can be put together to allow your phone to charge either horizontally or vertically.

The charging pad slides together rather easily and takes around 4 hours to charge a completely dead cellphone. It has a power output of 5 volts. You will not be able to charge your device while it is in a case.

As far as what is included with the wireless phone charger, you only get the charger itself and a microUSB cable. Adata doesn't include an AC adapter. The one included with your phone will work with the wireless charger, however.

The Elite CE700 works with Qi-enabled devices. However, the device can be finicky. To get the best and fastest results, it is better to charge your device standing up compared to having it lie flat on the charging mat. Although it will work with tablets, the charger isn't very well suited for them. Due to most tablets' large size, it is hard to line them up with the pads' charging coils.

This charger sports a modern design and is made of aluminum and plastic. It also has bright green, textured, rubber accents that prevent your phone from slipping. It looks great, and it doubles as a stand so you can still view your device as it charges. This makes it perfect for watching movies and getting a charge at the same time.

The placement of the USB port is puzzling. It's located on the right side when it should ideally be on the back. This causes the cable to get in the way, and the whole point of a wireless charger is to keep cables out of the way and out of sight.

The inductive charger has a LED indicator light that will blink and alert you if your device is charging. Be aware that the light is bright, and you may notice the blinking in the middle of the night if you have the charger on a nightstand.

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Adata's Elite CE700 charger puts an unusual spin on wireless chargers, which generally follow a consistent design. It allows you to interact with your phone while it is charging, since the charging mat is also stand. It looks great and charges most devices fairly well.

Adata Elite Wireless Charging Stand CE700 Visit Site

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