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Choe Wireless Charging Pad Review

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PROS / This wireless charger has a sturdy build.

CONS / The Choe charges more slowly than other wireless chargers.

 VERDICT / The Choe Inductive Qi wireless charging pad is slower than most other models, but its solid build and large surface area make it a decent option.

The Choe Inductive Qi Wireless Charging Pad looks nice and is built to be sturdy. It has a nice matte black finish, a blue LED to let you know your smartphone is charging and four anti-slip rubber feet at its bottom to keep it from sliding around.

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However, this wireless charger is slow. It takes around 5 hours to charge a smartphone. If you have a tablet, it will take even longer. Wireless chargers in general take more time than the AC adapter your smartphone came with, but Choe's charger is even slower than its wireless competitors.

  1. The number of volts a wireless charger outputs
    More is better
  2. 8 Choe Wireless Charging Pad
    5 Volts
  3. 12 Volts
  4. 12 Volts
  5. 5 Volts
  6. Category Average
    6.56 Volts

Just because the wireless phone charger is slow doesn't mean it is a bad choice. It still is an incredibly convenient way to charge your mobile devices. Like other chargers, you just set your smartphone flat on the charger, and it will begin to juice up. It uses the Qi charging standard, which is the most common when it comes to wireless charging.

Included in the package is the Qi charging pad, a microUSB cable that is about 3 feet long and an instruction manual. An AC adapter isn't in the package, so you will have to use the one that came with your phone or purchase one separately.

The charger outputs 5 volts of power, and it is strong enough to power your device even in its case. The thinner the case, the faster the charging mat will work. Since the device is square, you have a relatively large surface area to find the sweet spot to charge your phone. It measures 3.62 x 0.35 x 3.62 inches, so it is a good size to either leave at home or take with you if you want.

Be aware that Choe doesn't offer a warranty on this charging pad. The company does offer basic email support and a FAQs page on its website.


The Inductive Qi Wireless Charging Pad from Choe certainly isn't the best wireless charger available. Its charging speeds are on the slow end, but is a convenient option for powering your smartphone or tablet. It just may take longer than others.

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