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LG Wireless Charging Pad WCP-300 Review

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PROS / The built-in indicator light is flush and can be hidden with your smartphone so it won't keep you awake.

CONS / This charger is thick and isn't very portable.

 VERDICT / LG WCP-300 wireless charger is sturdy and high-quality, but it is slightly slower than others out there.

The LG WCP-300 is an affordable option for a wireless charger that will rid your life – or at least a portion of it – of cables. This basic charger doesn't blow any competitors out of the water, but it isn't a bad choice, either.

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The charger uses the Qi charging standard, which is one of the most common. If your device is compatible with Qi charging, you should be able to quickly get charging. Otherwise you'll need a separate adapter for your device. LG includes a 5-foot microUSB cable, which is quite a bit longer than the cable included with other models. In addition to the cable, you also get an AC adapter.

  1. The number of volts a wireless charger outputs
    More is better
  2. 7 LG Wireless Charging Pad
    5 Volts
  3. 12 Volts
  4. 12 Volts
  5. 5 Volts
  6. Category Average
    6.56 Volts

This wireless charger is shaped like a hockey puck, and it is sturdy and strong like one, too. Your device just lies flat on the charger. Unlike some wireless charging pads, this one doesn't hold your phone upright, so it's difficult to use your device while it's charging.

It is made of a thick plastic. In photos, the charger appears to be glossy, but it isn't. This is actually better because your phone or tablet is less likely to slide around. The bottom of the charger has four rubber feet to keep it in place.

It takes about 4 hours to charge a smartphone with this charging pad. This is slower than most, even though it has a power output of 5 volts like other basic chargers. However, the convenience of wireless changing requires a trade-off in speed.

LG's WCP-300 isn't the most portable of chargers. It is about a half inch thick, so it won't fit easily in a pocket, but it would definitely be possible to toss it in a bag or small purse if you wish.

Like other chargers, LG has built in an indicator light to alert you when the device is or isn't charging. One major advantage LG has over others is the positioning of the light. It one minor detail that means a lot. LED lights can be incredibly annoying because they are so bright at night and have the potential to interrupt your sleep. With this LG charger, you are able to position your phone to cover up the light so it won't flash or be lit in a dark room.

LG offers a one-year warranty with its wireless inductive charger. You also will be able to reach customer support via telephone or email if you need.


There is nothing extremely special about LG's wireless charger. What matters most is it works. With the LG WCP-300 you get a high-quality and sturdy product. It may not have any extra features like a stand or a built-in battery, but it will conveniently charge your phone without wires.

LG Wireless Charging Pad WCP-300 Visit Site