Pros / The wireless charger is very small and thin.

Cons / There is no warranty or telephone support included.

 Verdict / With a compact design, a quality build and nine color options, the PowerBot PB1020 is small but mighty.

Editor's note: The manufacturer has informed us that the PowerBot wireless charging pad in fact does have a one year warranty, although no warranty information was present on the product's website at the time of completing our review. We will fully evaluate and reflect this additional information when we next update the wireless charger reviews.

Although it is nice if your wireless charger looks good, that isn't really the most important feature. You want to make sure that it works well in charging your device. Luckily the PowerBot PB1020 wireless charging pad does both. It has aesthetic appeal and does a decent job charging your mobile devices wirelessly.

In our testing, it took the PowerBot 3.5 hours to charge a Nexus 5 smartphone. It's not the fastest charger we reviewed, but it's not the slowest. The charger outputs 5 volts of power, which is about average among basic wireless charging models. Your devices will charge just fine, even with their cases on.

This charging mat is circular and looks like an air hockey puck. It's made of plastic and features a dual-tone design. Plus, there are a whopping nine color choices. A rubber-ring borders the outside of the charger. This will keep your cellphone or tablet from slipping off the top of the charger and will ensure you have a consistent charge. There is also a ring on the bottom so the charger itself won't slide on the table either.

Probably the best part of this PowerBot charger is its size. It has a diameter of 2.5 inches and is just half an inch thick. You can easily slip it in a pocket and take it with you anywhere. It comes with two microUSB cables. One is about 3 feet long and the other is less than a foot long. However, there is no AC adapter included.

Like most chargers, your device lies flat to power up, and it is easy to line up your phone with the charging coils. An LED indicator light flashes green to let you know it is charging. Although the light is bright, your phone will slightly cover the light. It isn't extremely obnoxious and probably won't keep you awake at night if it is in your bedroom. While in standby, or if your device isn't lined up correctly, the light will be red.

Unfortunately if something goes wrong with the charger, the only thing you can do is reach out to PowerBot through email. There is no warranty, telephone support or FAQs section available.

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  1. The number of volts a wireless charger outputs
    More is better
  2. 8  PowerBot Wireless Charger
    5.0 Volts
  3. 12.0 Volts
  4. 12.0 Volts
  5. 5.0 Volts
  6. Category Average
    6.75 Volts


Everything considered, the PowerBot wireless charger is a solid choice. It isn't the slowest charger available, it is very portable and it comes in an array of different colors to match your personality.

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