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Powermat 3X Review

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PROS / The Powermat has great device compatibility and helpful customer support.

CONS / Without the upgrade, it can’t charge older cell phones.

 VERDICT / This is the best wireless charger on the market, without a doubt.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Powermat 3X

For your wireless charging needs, the best product on the market is absolutely the Powermat 3X. This simple, gray mat, when paired with the appropriate receiver, provides wireless power to a large number of different devices. The variety of devices that this wireless charger can power is impressive, as is its set of features and the customer support that backs it. The Powermat was impressive in every category that we rated these devices on and it consistently outperformed the competition. If you’re looking for a wireless charger for your smartphone or other device, this is the best solution out there.

Powermat was founded in 2007 as a result of the huge boom in mobile technology. In their view, the natural progression of mobile technology involves complete wire-free operation, especially for charging. With this idea in mind, they began work on the first Powermat wireless charger. This is the first company to make inductive wireless chargers widely available. This increasingly popular technology has spawned a variety of different products as a result, but none quite match the elegance and efficiency of the Powermat wireless charger.

Powermats use induction technology to charge your mobile devices. This works by transferring electricity from the charger to your phone through magnetic fields. So, when you drop your smartphone or other compatible mobile device on the wireless charger, charging can begin even without precise, uninhibited contact with a conductive surface.


The Powermat is compatible with nearly every major smartphone in circulation. They provide cases, skins, sleeves and battery doors for everything from the iPhone to the Blackberry Curve. They even have cases for the Nintendo DS and DSi, should you so desire. The only disappointing part of the Powermat 3X wireless charger is its lack of compatibility with other cell phones, like standard flip phones and lesser-known smartphones.

To solve the incompatibility with older phones that the Powermat suffers from, the manufacturers have added a small device called a “Powercube” to this mat, offering the Powermat 3X with Powercube for a bundled price. This Powercube contains specialized tips that will allow you to use a small cord attached to the Powermat with almost any device. The tips include mini USB, micro USB, an Apple connector and a Sony PSP tip, along with a variety of others. With this wireless charger, no matter what you want to charge, your Powermat can house it all in one convenient product.


The maximum number of devices that the Powermat 3X wireless charger can accept at one time is three. Three sections of the mat divide the charging stations into easily visible squares, allowing each device to pull as much energy as it needs to obtain a full charge. The maximum output wattage is 18, which is more than enough to charge multiple smartphones simultaneously.

One of the major features of the Powermat 3X is its internal battery. This device holds a charge of its own, so rather than being stuck in the wall permanently, your Powermat can be charged itself and then taken with you. This added flexibility is reason enough to consider the purchase; this wireless phone charger can be charged and taken with you to give power to your mobile devices wirelessly wherever you go.

Help & Support

The Powermat 3X is solid and well-constructed. Better yet, it even feels heavy-duty. We didn’t go as far as actually breaking the wireless charger, but light stress and fall tests proved that this wireless charger is resilient. Its solid construction and compact design make it great for travel, consolidating all of your charging needs into one durable location.


If you’re looking for the best wireless charger on the market, the Powermat 3X is the device for you. Its immense compatibility (especially when paired with the Powercube) means you will be able to charge almost any device. It comes with a great deal of helpful customer support, including everything from a warranty to a thorough FAQs section. Its travel flexibility, along with a healthy power output and the ability to charge three devices at once, make this the king of wireless phone chargers.

Powermat 3X