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Tylt Vu Review

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PROS / The Tylt Vu has an extremely attractive design that doubles as a stand.

CONS / There isn't a slot to feed your headphones through.

 VERDICT / This is an incredibly well-made product that looks fantastic. The stand design is convenient, and it charges relatively fast.

Most wireless chargers just have you set your device down and go about your business, but sometimes your business requires using your phone. The Tylt Vu (pronounced "Tilt View") grants you the ability to still interact with your device even when it is charging. The charging pad is our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner for its ability to help keep your handheld devices charged in a stylish way. The Tylt holds your Qi-enabled device at a 45-degree angle, doubling it as a stand. This charger is compatible with several devices and is certainly a standout product in a growing market. However, it is a little on the pricy side.

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The charging pad will work with several devices since it uses the common Qi-standard charging method. The cradle is tall and wide enough for most smartphones to charge at an optimal viewing angle. It even will hold a 7-inch tablet with no problems. Pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard and you have a nice, compact workstation. You can also use the stand to hold your phone or tablet to watch Netflix or videos you have stored on your device.

  1. The number of volts a wireless charger outputs
    More is better
  2. 2 Tylt Vu
    12 Volts
  3. 12 Volts
  4. 5 Volts
  5. Category Average
    6.56 Volts


As with all wireless charging models, it takes slightly longer to charge your devices wirelessly than it does using a standard wall plug. For example, the Tylt charges with a maximum current of 750mAh. During our testing, this charging pad juiced up a dead Nexus 5 in 3 hours and 20 minutes. Fortunately, it has a power output of 12 volts, which means it will charge faster than less-powerful wireless chargers, and it is strong enough to allow you to still keep your case on your device while it charges.

The Tylt Vu wireless phone charger comes with an AC adapter and a power cord that measures more than 5-feet long. Be aware that the charger doesn't use microUSB, so you won't be able to swap cords to use the charging stand in a plane or a vehicle.

A green LED indicator light will shine to let you know if your device is charging or is in standby mode. The light turns to red when the device is removed or isn't charging correctly. The LED is underneath the base of the charger, so it isn't extremely bright, and it won't likely keep you up in the middle of the night if you decide to use the charger on your nightstand.


The Tylt Vu comes in four different colors and is made of a soft, durable plastic with jet black undertones, and boy does it look good. The charging mat is lightweight, so you can take it with you if you want, but it is meant to stay in the same place. The charger is sturdy and won't slide around the surface you set it on, thanks to four rubber feet that are attached to the stand's base.

This wireless charger uses three inductive charging coils so you don't have to worry about lining your phone up with the coils to get a charge. No matter which way you place your mobile device, you should get a steady charge.

You can use your phone in landscape or portrait mode while it is charging. Swiping is still a breeze and feels natural when the device is resting on the wireless phone charger. Even text messaging with one hand while the device is charging feels comfortable.

The back of the charging dock has a small hole you can feed the power cord through so it doesn't get in the way or make the stand wobbly. One potential issue is the placement of your headphone jack. There is no slot for a headphone cord at the base. This isn't a problem if your headphone jack is on the top of your phone, but many smartphones have jacks on the lower end.

Help & Support

If for some reason your device doesn't charge, Tylt offers both telephone and email support in addition to a one-year warranty on the Vu. A warranty card is included in the box. . If you aren't 100 percent satisfied, you have the option to call or email Tylt and the company promises to make it right.


Overall, the Tylt Vu is very impressive. It boasts more features than most wireless chargers, such doubling as a stand for your mobile device. It is slick and stylish, and it works with a variety of devices. Since it has three-charging coils it will boost your device to a full-charge faster than other chargers on the market. It comes in different colors and is a good buy, despite being on more expensive than other models.

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