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Health and Fitness iPhone Apps Reviews

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Health and Fitness iPhone Apps

What is a Health and Fitness iPhone App?

Health and Fitness apps cover a pretty broad spectrum, but all of them have to do with health. Some offer nutrition assistance such as calorie information for restaurants and common food items, others track weight goals and fitness activity and yet others provide general healthcare information such as first aid and CPR. Many are free or low-priced, so it’s well worth your time and energy to investigate a few to figure out which one fits your lifestyle and health needs best.

What to Look For:

Here are some things to consider while looking for a new Health and Fitness iPhone app. We looked at quite a few apps and rated them on the following criteria.

iPhone Health and Fitness apps include a variety of features; however, most apps in this category include features specific to tracking nutrition, assisting in work-outs or providing healthcare information. We looked to see what features were included in the app and whether the app had everything that the marketing material from the manufacture reported that it had.

All features of the app should be easy to use and symbols or buttons should be easy to understand. The most interesting iPhone apps also utilize the unique interactive screen features provided by the iPhone and respond to commands quickly.

Graphics for Health and Fitness apps for the iPhone are not as critical to the function of the app as it would be for games or multimedia apps. However the graphics and images included should be clear and relevant.

Stability in any app is critical, especially when it affects whether you will actually want to use the app. If it crashes, freezes up or loads slowly, you won’t use the program due to sheer frustration.

Program Size
How much memory a Health and Fitness apps requires varies depending on the complexity of the program. Some iPhone apps require a few MB of space, some much more. Generally, in regards to healthcare type apps the memory required depends on the images included and on whether the information is obtained through WiFi or other connection or whether it’s included in the program. Generally, you don’t have to worry too much about app size unless you’re running out of room on your device.

Most iPhone apps come with very little support, however it is helpful if they offer some online documentation and a contact email address.

iPhone Health and Fitness apps are designed to make taking care of yourself easier. If you’ve found the nutrition programs interesting, you may also want to look at some of the Lifestyle apps that include recipe and grocery shopping apps or our Online Dieting Services reviews.