The first time someone drops a call while on the road or possibly in their house they just figure something went wrong and try again. The real question is what to do if you drop calls or have horrible service all the time? Cell phone boosters might be the answer or you need to check with your cell phone provider and see what the real problem is. Since not all providers offer the same coverage the first step will be to check with your cell phone provider and see if you live in an area that has been having issues. Many times you simply live in a weak cell phone area and the problem is being addressed. Cell phone providers are always expanding and adding coverage to areas that are known to drop calls and simply waiting may be the best option. However there are a few situations that a cell phone booster may be the best choice.

Rural Areas
Just because you have a cell phone from one of the best providers does not guarantee you are going to have the best service. Any location that is more than a few miles (as the bird flies) away from a cell tower is going to experience reception loss. If you live out in the country or on the mountain side there is a good chance you will experience frequent dropped calls. In this type of situation a cell phone booster is a permanent solution to a huge problem. Cell phone boosters come in all shapes and sizes, you can pick up a booster that will work in a small radius around a receiver or upgrade to one that has a huge antenna. The larger and more complex they get the more expensive, you will need to evaluate your situation to see what will work best for your needs.

Limited Number of Providers
Another problem that you may run into is that the area you live in only has cell towers from a select few cell phone providers. If you are with the only provider available and are still having weak signals or are dropping calls on a regular basis the only real option is a booster. Once again you will need to evaluate whether you need a booster for the entire house or one that will work while you re in the kitchen or living room only. We would also suggest possibly going with a mobile solution which will reduce dropped calls while on the road and at home. When you re limited to a company that has a weak signal in your area cell phone boosters can be a life saver.

As you can see there are only a few situations that cell phone boosters are the only real option. Evaluating your situation and double checking with your cell phone provider should be the first steps. If worse comes to worst a cell phone booster will make life a lot easier and is a onetime expense that you will be more than happy with.

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