While in the young stages of life, children want to be like their parents. They want to play with their parent s toys and do the things they do. To save parents the hassle of hiding their expensive toys from sticky hands and slobbering mouths, VTech has created an eBook Reader, the V.Reader animated eReader system, designed for these youthful sticky-fingered spirits. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don't Have To. 

It is a common worry in many mothers' lives that their children are not reading enough. From the age of three, the basic fundamentals of reading are developed, and after the age of five, children have gained basic reading skills. The V.Reader is designed for children ages three to seven to build and strengthen those fundamental reading skills with a touch-and-read eBook Reader.

The V.Reader is an animated storyteller. Stories come to life for these children by watching animation, hearing well-known character voices narrate stories, listening to music and viewing graphics. VTech focused on teaching children the steps to becoming a fluent reader. They teach these building blocks through vocabulary, phonics, word building and a story dictionary.

Children have two ways of playing with the V.Reader. They can follow along to the story as it is read aloud, or use the touch screen capabilities to play reading games, work in the dictionary, and learn each word or sentence on a page. VTech had a tough challenge ahead of them: show children the joys of reading. With the V.Reader, they succeeded.

For young children, stories need to be easy to understand and enjoyable to watch. This is what captures their attention and makes them want to interact with the device. The V.Reader makes that happen as children are able to touch the screen and follow eleven storybook characters. A few of these V.Reader storytellers include Shrek, Dora the Explorer, Olivia, Disney Princesses, Disney/Pixar s Cars, Disney/Pixar s Toy Story 3 and Scooby-Doo. In each of the stories, the child concentrates on certain aspects of reading such as syllables, beginning sounds, ordinal numbers, reading comprehension and the list goes on.

An exciting feature offered on the V.Reader animated eReader system that enhances this device is the ability to download more than 100 eBooks online. Located on the VTech device is a rich downloadable library which includes free titles, themes and avatars to make your child s eReader feel like it is truly theirs. An SD card slot and a USB port are also available on the device, and the V.Reader is compatible with a PC or a Mac.

The V.Reader is not only geared toward children but parents also. Parents can encourage fun reading by joining in the learning process and taking advantage of progress reports and reading certificates. VTech also thought about parents with its numerous parent-friendly controls such as turning music on or off, volume control button, brightness button, replay and bookmark options.

Since 1980, VTech has been developing these educational products to enhance learning in the lives of children. The V.Reader animated eReading system is one of those products that can help your child get to the top of his or her class, while keeping their dirty fingers off of your expensive eBook Reader.

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