High school graduation is the time in your child's life when their next chapter begins. Their dreams, hopes and, most importantly, their freedom, all seem within their grasp. As you prepare to say goodbye and send them on their way, why not send them with something that they will really enjoy? Whether your child is an outgoing social butterfly or a studious bookworm, we've got 10 perfect gifts for your college-bound high school grad that will start their college experience off with a bang.

 1. Tablet

Whether your child is constantly checking Facebook or Twitter on the go, or fervently taking notes during class, the iPad is the ideal computing device for any student. These tablets feature a large touchscreen but small dimensions, so the iPad is the perfect device for students to carry on a daily basis. With a large internal memory and up to 10 hours of battery life, the iPad ill get your new college student through an entire day filled with note taking, listening to music and surfing the web. And with dual camera capabilities and the ability to record 720pHD video, not a moment of their college experience will be lost.

2. Laptop
HP Compaq 6730b

College is full of late night cramming, researching and writing papers   all part of the classwork that never seems to end. The only way to be successful in college and accomplish all the work thrown their direction is to have access to a computer. A laptop computer allows a college student to be productive at all times throughout the day. Your child will not have to worry about running to campus to type their last minute English paper or find information for their history presentation for tomorrow. The HP Compaq 6730b not only provides quick access to the internet through its Wi-Fi capabilities, it can also store 2GB worth of documents and boasts a crisp screen resolution. Additionally, the built-in web cam means you'll be able to video chat with your child. It's like the gift that keeps on giving.

 3. iPod Shuffle
Apple iPod Shuffle

If your child loves music, they will appreciate this portable MP3 player. This compact device gives your high school graduate 15 hours of battery life, allowing them to listen to their favorite tunes as they walk to and from class or while concentrating on homework. This MP3 player provides 2GB of storage, which translates to storing hundreds of songs. Plus, the iPod Shuffle is small enough for students to clasp onto a jacket while they're walking to class and stick in their pocket during lectures.


4. eBook Reader
Kindle 3

Whether your child is a bookworm or just enjoys a little light reading, a Kindle may be the gift you are looking for. These portable devices can store hundreds of books, connect to the internet through Wi-Fi and play several different audio formats. And not only is a Kindle a perfect way for your child to maintain a large library while living in a small dorm room, but several text books are also available in the Kindle's digital format, saving you money at the bookstore.

5. Compact Digital Camera
Fujifilm FinePix F300EXR

College is an experience unlike any other, and your child will want to capture these memories. The Fujifilm FinePix F300EXR is a compact digital camera that can capture your child's journey, every step of the way. The F300EXR not only features a small and portable design, it offers 12MP photos, 15x optical zoom and a battery life that can last for 250 images. No matter what your child's personality, they will love the ability to document their adventures while away from your close care.

6. Personal Finance Software

When new graduates step out on their own, managing their money quickly becomes a concern. Personal finance software is one way your child can keep track of income and expenses. AceMoney helps your high school graduate manage a credit card, pay any bills or expenses they may have and maintain a budget. Going to college isn't always about the fun and the books. It includes several life lessons, and AceMoney is just one way to make financial life lessons a little less painful.

 7. Gaming Gift Cards

Everyone will need some type of distraction from their studies, and if your high school graduate enjoys gaming, why not consider a gaming gift card? Knowing the exact game or type of gaming accessory your child most craves can be difficult, but a gift card allows them to buy exactly what they want to create their ultimate gaming experience. OffGamers offers gift cards to more than 200 games and provides easy payment options, including the ability to trade gaming credits. 

8. Compact Fridge
GE Spacemaker GMR06AAPBB Compact Refrigerator

Every college student loves to eat. Most students want something fast and quick to grab. The GE Spacemaker compact fridge makes it possible for your high school graduate to keep brain food nearby while keeping their noses in the books. This 6-cubic-foot compact fridge will also save time, keeping students from running to the cafeteria or, even worse, on constant fast food stops.

 9. LCD TV
LG 55LD650

Just because your high school graduate is heading off to college doesn't mean they will always be reading, writing or filling their minds with knowledge. Sometimes they will need some relaxation, and a little chill time may be the perfect remedy to keep their minds going. The LG 55LD650 is an LCD TV that will allow their minds to wander and focus on something more than chemistry or psychology. The LG 55LD650 is available with a 47- or 55-inch screen, and it is just over 3 inches thick. It offers beautiful 1920 x 1080 resolution, and several connectivity options ensure this device will fit nicely in any dorm room or apartment.

10. TV and Video Membership

If your child has a favorite TV show or is a movie buff, they can take that passion with them to college. Netflix gives your graduate unlimited TV episodes and movies instantly through the internet or television set. By simply signing up for the service, your high school graduate can instantly access an unlimited selection of TV episodes and movies. This is the perfect gift to fill those boring Friday or Saturday nights when nothing else seems to be going on.


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