In the second part of How To Purchase An iPhone App, we ll discuss how to access the iTunes App Store over the iPhone or iPod touch. Note: If you want to download directly to an iPod touch, you will need a WiFi connection. Apple has created a simplified version of the App Store that comes preloaded on the device which makes it easy to browse and download apps directly to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Purchasing Apps Through The App Store On Your iPhone
Purchasing apps directly through the iPhone or iPod touch is somewhat similar to doing it on your computer. You still need to have an iTunes account and it s a good idea to have iTunes installed on a computer that you can sync your device with to back up the apps you purchase and download.

Tap the  App Store  button on the iPhone s screen. This will take you to a simplified version of iTunes  App Store. There are five icons across the bottom of the screen: Featured, Categories, Top 25, Search and Updates. If you re just browsing and want to see the latest or most interesting apps tap Featured or Top 25. If you re looking for a specific category then tapping that icon is best but if you know the name of the app you want, tap Search. You can enter the name into the search field and the program will give you the results of the search from which you can select the app you want.

Tap the chosen app and you will see the details page that contains the same information that is shown in iTunes along with a blue button that either says  Free  or lists the app s price. Tapping that button changes it to green with the words  Install  or  Buy Now . Tap it again and a dialog box comes up asking for your iTunes password. Once you enter it, the app begins to download to your iPhone or iPod touch.

It s a good idea to sync your device with your computer on a regular basis so that you have a backup of the apps you ve downloaded.

Be sure to read part 1 in this series:  How To Purchase An iPhone App Part 1 On Your Computer . If you re still trying to decide between an iPhone and an iPod touch, we ve got the reviews to help make that decision easier. Once you ve chosen your preferred device, check out our iPhone App Reviews to help you fill out your library and maximize your iPhone experience.

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