Whether we re sharing our thoughts as a status update on Facebook or a picture of our dog on Instagram, our lives are documented on social media sites. Wanting to preserve a memory of our day-to-day activities isn t specific to 2013; past generations also documented their lives through journals, letters and photographs. We learn of their lives and learn from their mistakes through their detailed written accounts. The only real difference between our ancestors and us is that we have better recording devices. Think of it   you can take a picture of your family and share it with the world instantaneously.

Your smartphone camera helps capture images of your daily life because your phone is readily accessible, sitting in your pocket or purse. But although your phone's camera is convenient, it may not take the best photos in all situations. The latest in camera phone technology is iPhone camera lens kits. An iPhone camera lens attaches to your phone s built-in camera, enhancing your pictures. But even with an iPhone lens kit, you still need to hone your photography skills to produce the best picture possible. Want a little guidance? We ve come up with the top five photography tips you can also apply to your iPhone s camera.

  • Don t use a flash indoors   If possible, avoid using a flash indoors like the plague. The flash is usually too bright for indoor images, washing out faces and making a setting seem unnatural. Using a tripod will help ensure non-flash images aren t blurry.
  • Simple backgrounds enhance your subject   Focus on the subject in your pictures instead of the background. A simple background will draw the eye to the subject.
  • Right lens for the right moment   Most iPhone camera lens kits come with multiple lenses. Using the appropriate lens for each situation will result in better pictures. If you want to shoot a close-up of your favorite flower, use the macro lens. If you want to shoot a landscape image, use the wide angle lens. If you want to zoom in on something, use the telephoto lens. If you want to add an element of intrigue, use the fisheye lens.
  • Stop the shake, use a tripod   Many images taken with a digital camera, especially a camera phone, are shaky looking and blurry. Using a tripod will prevent the instability and allow your iPhone to capture sharp images.
  • Keep your lens clean   There s nothing worse than capturing a fantastic moment on camera, only to realize fingerprints and smudges on the lens messed up the shot. Properly cleaning your lens will ensure clear, crisp pictures and extend the usability of the lens.

Follow these five tips and you will take great photos you'll want to share with your friends and family. If you would like to dramatically improve the images you post to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or the like, we d recommend adding an iPhone camera lens kit to your photographic arsenal.

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