Apple, Samsung, LG and Motorola have already released multiple generations and versions of smartwatches, and now it appears HTC is finally releasing a smartwatch of its own.

A user from the Chinese social networking site Weibo has leaked a handful of images that show what could be HTC’s first smartwatch, which is codenamed “Halfbeak.” Take the rumors with a grain of salt though; HTC once announced a fitness band called the HTC Grip and later scrapped the product completely.

The “Halfbeak” won’t be the company’s first wearable, however. At the beginning of 2016, HTC launched the UA Band in collaboration with Under Armour. The fitness tracker monitors your heart rate, daily activity and sleep.

If these recent leaks are true, HTC will again partner with Under Armour, similar to Apple’s partnership with Nike for its special edition Apple Watch Nike+ Series 2 watch. The leaked images show an Under Armour branded watch with a metal case, red rubber strap, circular face, two side buttons, a heart rate monitor and a magnetic charging port.

The watch is rumored to have a 360 x 360-pixel resolution display. The images show that this smartwatch is powered by Android Wear. Thankfully, it doesn't suffer from the flat-tire effect, where a chunk of pixels are missing from the bottom of the screen that houses the sensors.

There’s no word on a release date just yet. Google’s next-generation smartwatch platform, Android Wear 2.0, was delayed until early 2017, so if the watch is going to see the light of day, it probably won’t be until then.

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