What would we do without the iPad? Without it, we couldn't waste mindless hours playing video games, watch movies all night in bed, or take notes in class on the down low. But one of the best places for your iPad is in the car   that is, as long as you're not the driver. While using the iPad in the driver's seat isn't a smooth move, your passengers will love all of the applications your tablet has for a long road trip. One of the best accessories to purchase for your new toy is an iPad car mount. The mounts attach around the back headrests of your seats to turn your backseat into a movie theater.

The best backseat car mounts are those that have matte screen protectors included, since the glare off of an unprotected iPad can make it impossible to watch a movie from the backseat. Also, make sure that there's room in the mounting for your headphone jacks and accessories so the setup is as seamless as possible. If you can, bring your iPad along to the electronics or car stereo store so you can actually pop it into a few different models and then make a more educated decision as to the one that'll work best for you.

However, keep this in mind: What happens when you have a full car and not everyone's headphones can reach the jack on your iPad? While you can purchase jack splitters that allow two or even three people to plug in at the same time, it can be a major pain, with tangled cords and less-than-flexible seating arrangements. If you really want peace and quiet in your car, a Bluetooth headset is a great solution. Since Bluetooth is completely wireless, you can have a backseat rider listening in on the movie or listening to music completely wirelessly.

Here's the catch   you'll need to know how to set your Bluetooth receiver so that it'll pick up the sound from your iPad. Usually this involves heading into your Bluetooth settings and navigating into Voicemail, then choosing the iPod setting from the menu. That way, your Bluetooth becomes a wireless set of headphones in the car.

And then, you can kick back and relax without having to listen to your kids bicker over who touched whom last while on long car rides. Armed with your backseat cinema and Bluetooth headsets, your riders can watch a movie while you listen to music or flip through a book. Hey, you might even get to take a passenger-side nap while you're at it!

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