As a small business owner, you may wonder if accepting mobile payments through an iPhone card reader is necessary or even in your budget. The real question is if you can afford not to accept mobile payments. If you sell any product or service outside a conventional brick-and-mortar store   think open-air markets, door-to-door sales or onsite services with clients   processing mobile payments should be an integral part of your business model. Doing so can significantly increase your profits and afford you more opportunities to sell to prospective customers. If increasing your bottom line isn t enough of an incentive, here are ten more reasons to consider using iPhone credit card readers.

Mobility   Perhaps the biggest draw for merchants to process mobile payments through an iPhone card reader is the mobility it delivers. You aren t restricted to using a bulky credit card terminal that requires a plug-in connection. Whether you re providing a service in clients  homes or peddling wares door-to-door, you can accept credit and debit cards anywhere, at any time.

Compatibility   iPhones are widely used by mobile merchants to process transactions on the go, but they aren t the only option. Most mobile payment providers also offer applications and hardware for all major mobile platforms, including Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Android devices. This way you can use your existing or preferred smartphone. You can even use your tablet to process payments.

Minimal Initial Investment   You may think implementing mobile payment processing will require steep upfront contrasts. On the contrary, it won t cost you much, if anything at all. Many providers offer service with no startup or application fees. In addition, many payment processing services will include an iPhone card reader at no charge.

Low Rates   When it comes to transaction fees, a mobile credit card terminal is no more expensive than a conventional one. The average discount rates and flat per-transaction fees are comparable to those you would pay to process credit cards at a retail location. However, as with any service, mobile payment processing services can vary in terms of pricing, so look for a provider that offers competitive rates.

Cash Accepted   Many iPhone swipe machines also allow you to accept and track cash transactions, giving your customers an even wider range of payment options. Services with this option record a cash transaction just as they would a credit card transaction, so you ll have record of the transaction.

Use Your Current Merchant Services   Most merchants already have a merchant account and payment gateway that they use; switching to new ones in order to accept mobile payments would be a hassle. Fortunately, most iPhone card readers will work with your existing merchant account and payment gateway, making mobile payment implementation simple and hassle-free.

QuickBooks Integration   A crucial step in accepting mobile payments is tracking all transactions. Most iPhone credit card readers and their service providers integrate with QuickBooks and other popular accounting software applications. Any transaction you process is automatically uploaded into your accounting software, which makes for convenient and accurate bookkeeping.

Security   You may be worried about the security of processing your customers  credit card information from your mobile device. Mobile payment processing services are required by law to be PCI complaint, meaning they employ stringent security measures to keep payment information secure, including data encryption and password protection. Furthermore, these services don t actually save or store any payment information on your phone.

Feature-Rich Processing   iPhone credit card processing boasts far more functionality than simply processing payments. For example, you can also calculate sales tax, include tipping, refund transactions and perform a range of other useful actions.

Convenience   This may seem like a no-brainer, but an iPhone swipe machine is highly convenient. Its mobility allows you to accept payments without any hindrance.

No matter what type of business you run, you can reap a wide array of benefits by using an iPhone card reader to accept mobile payments.

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