For all the iPod and iPhone lovers out there, Apple has created and manufactured a variety of iPod and iPhone docks that will charge the devices and some will even connect to certain stereos. There are docks made for each, individual iPod type and generation to ensure a perfect fit. Apple also has a universal iPod dock that is compatible with all the iPod and iPhone devices. However, the Apple iPod docks are limited in their feature sets.

For a more expanded feature set, Apple recommends some iPod clock radios from iHome. The iPod clock radios have a complete set of fantastic and useful features. The iHome brand clock radios work almost exactly like the iPod docks; your mobile devices will charge quickly, but you can also use them to play music and use the music on them as alarm clocks. Most of these products are also portable and can be used on battery power. With a battery life of about 10 hours, you ll be able to use iPod clock radios for extended periods without interruption or loss in sound quality.

The iHome clock radio has all the features you would expect from an alarm. You can set custom sleep and snooze times. You ll be able to set weekday/weekend alarms and more than one alarm at the same time. You can have the alarm wake you up using music from your iPod, the radio or even a buzzer. Also, the music will gradually get louder and slowly wake you up without being jarred out of bed. One of the best and affordable models is the iHome iP90.

While we acknowledge most phones have alarms and that are perfectly adequate, the iHome clock radio takes it to a whole new level. With all the different features and the option to play music through affordable, and high-quality, speakers, you re sure to enjoy your experience with the iHome products. The iHome iPod clock radios are also perfect for especially deep sleepers who can t be roused out of bed by a simple phone alarm clock.

The iPhone clock radios are usually quite small and will easily fit on your nightstand or dresser. Most are no more than a foot wide and only a few inches tall and long. And the iHome iP90 only takes two AA batteries to run. It also has an AC adapter and can be plugged into any outlet. This model also comes in a variety of colors that can match any color scheme. You re sure to find a fantastic fit with a variety of iHome products.

Some of the other fantastic iPod clock radios include the iLuv iPod dock and the Philips iPod dock. These models have a variety of different alarm sounds. The iLuv product even has an innovative  Bed Shaker  that you place under your mattress or pillow and it will vibrate your bed to help wake you up.

If you want your iPod dock to do more than simply charge your iPod or iPhone, an iHome clock radio is a terrific option. You re sure to love the sound quality of the speakers and all the different alarm clock and sound features.

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