High fashion finally melded with our obsession with tech. Picture the scene: The final day of Paris Fashion Week and Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2017 collection is being presented by Nicolas Ghequiere. But instead of a new It bag, evening bag or clutch, it’s an iPhone case that steals the show.

The fashion house had been teasing the expectant populace with hints and misdirections for months, keeping attention firmly on the soon-to-be-unveiled designer tech accessory. Everyone who loves designer fashion knows that it’s Louis Vuitton’s trunks and its unmistakable monogram designs that are truly iconic, so you can understand the excitement at the sight of these new cases. Inspired by the distinctive designs of the earliest trunks and by the Petite Malle range, these tech accessories blend the history of the brand with cutting edge style and technology. With reinforced corners and a robust construction, the cases protect your iPhone from impact damage and general wear and tear, too.

If you like the idea of encasing your iPhone inside a miniature, handheld Louis Vuitton trunk, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that there are two models that hold true to the trunk style, complete with monograms and Damier prints, gold studs and a faux trunk latch. For those who find that walking around with a diminutive Louis Vuitton trunk in their hand just isn’t flashy enough, there are other options. In line with the Petite Malle collection, these iPhone case are available in croc leather with vibrant hues, including blue, red and gold.

Like many luxury brands, Louis Vuitton produces some exquisitely crafted but exceptionally expensive goods that are too costly for the vast majority of us. However, its accessories tend to be a little more affordable, which lets the general public buy into the luxury brand and designer fashion market. These iPhone cases, for example, are still relatively costly at a little over $5,000, but they’ll still fly off the shelves because they are well-crafted status symbols that aren’t completely out of everyone’s price range.

If that’s still too costly, or if you’re concerned about protecting your iPhone with a case that costs six times more than the phone itself, but still want to indulge in the designer lifestyle, there is an alternative. Louis Vuitton has a line of reasonably priced iPhone 7 and 7+ cases that incorporates its exclusive gecko-like technology. The cases cost around $150, which, while expensive for a phone case, is a pretty good value for a designer accessory that also happens to protect your cell phone. These affordable luxury cases feature a leather outer with the classic trunk monogram design. The interior is leather that’s available in a range of vibrant colors. You’ll also find models with a canvas exterior and hard-shell models. The interior is imbued with the brand’s proprietary gecko-inspired adhesive that clings to your iPhone, holding it in place. There are choices for iPads and non-Apple smartphones, too.

Whichever case you choose, because it’s a luxury brand, there are, sadly, an awful lot of fakes out there, so you need to be able to tell the difference if you’re not buying directly from Louis Vuitton or a respected authorized dealer. One of the key things to look for is the overall finish. It should be perfect. The leather or canvas, along with the metal rivets, should be pristine. Examine the stitching carefully, too, as this is often a complete giveaway. If the item is genuine, it should have perfectly even stitching with no obvious back-and forth stitches, no skipped stitches, and there should never be any loose threads or fraying ends. Any hardware, such as the reinforced corners, decorative clasps and studs should be robust and cleanly attached, and if the hardware carries the Louis Vuitton brand or logo, make sure the lettering is pristine and matches exactly in every instance.

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