One accidental bump or drop could destroy your iPhone. Cases provide protection and add some personality to the popular iPhone. But the durability, materials and designs range in these smartphone cases, as do the prices. Here are 10 of the most expensive iPhone cases. See what makes them so costly.

Swarovski Series – $278

The Swarovski Series iPhone cases for the iPhone 6 use both wood and aluminum to provide durability without adding extra weight. The metal on these undergoes a tough process which gives the case durability similar to that of a diamond.

Louis Vuitton Folio – $330

This smartphone case is designed for the iPhone 7 Plus and is one of the least expensive iPhone cases on our list. It is made from cowhide leather and microfiber, and it flips open to protect your phone from all types of daily wear and tear. It also has a pocket inside the case where you can store notes, receipts or other small papers.

Dolce & Gabbana Cover in Iguana-Effect Leather – $895

This iPhone 6 Plus phone cover features elegant crystal embellishments. The design on this smartphone case boasts a banana leaf, plant elements and insects. It is made from iguana-effect leather, which is the same material that many handbags from Dolce & Gabbana are also made from.

Tower Flower Case – $1,495

The Tower Flower Case was sold on Etsy for the iPhone 6. The body of this case isn’t anything fancy, just a simple plastic shell. However, the beautiful embedded design with crystals and rhinestones is what raises this phone’s price tag.

Goldgenie Swarovski Style Brilliance – $2,735

This iPhone 7 case comes in three different finishes, including 24K gold, rose gold and platinum. The edges of this case are embedded with 800 VS1 brilliant-cut diamonds. However, this luxury item is different than other products on our list because the iPhone is included and comes ready to use with the gold and diamond finish.

Goldstriker Platinum iPhone 7 Master Edition – $3,365

This iPhone 7 case features a durable, polished outer frame with the back boasting blue crocodile leather. This case also features a handcrafted platinum design.

Gresso Diva Collection – $7,000

Gresso’s Diva Collection iPhone cases are designed for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. These cases are built with a titanium body and are individually handcrafted. What sets these cases apart is each case is accented with 3 grams of 18K white or yellow gold inserts. Additionally, 11 small diamonds – a total of 0.01 karats –are used as accents on this case’s exterior.

Amosu Limited Edition Diamond Spider – $15,798.75

Amosu uses both diamonds and gold to create luxury iPhone cases. Amosu’s Limited Edition Diamond Spider case features 846 diamonds on the case. You can choose to have the back of the case in any color of your choice and add a specialized design or brand. This Diamond Spider case is available only for the iPhone 5.

Anita Mai Tan’s Dragon and Spider Case – $880,000

Nearing the top of the list is the Dragon and Spider phone case by Anita Mai Tan. These cases are manufactured in 18K gold and covered in up to 2,800 colorless and black diamonds. These cases are designed so you can wear them around your neck, turning your phone into an expensive piece of jewelry.

Brikk Lux iPhone 7 Bespoke Collection – $1.3 million

The Brikk Bespoke Collection lets you create a fully customized smartphone case for your iPhone 7. Other phones from this company, such as cases in the Brikk Solid Collection, are made from solid gold. This company creates luxury technology products with rare quality. And while these cases come with a hefty price tag, there are some benefits to buying from this company. When you purchase an iPhone case through the company, 7 percent of the total sales are sent to a charity of your choice.

Overall, there are many factors that will contribute to the price of an iPhone case. Maybe you want a specific name or you want to make a statement with your phone. No matter your reason, with one of the above luxury iPhone cases, you will have a popular phone – but your case will be a rare item.

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