We've all been there   all cat owners, that is. You are trying to complete a task, but your silly feline inevitably ends up all over you and will not allow you to get anything done. One solution is to download an interactive game for kitty to play on your tablet. These games will not only occupy your kitty while you work, they will also allow your feline friend to brush up on her natural instincts such as hunting and stalking.

There are several games on the market, available in both the Android and iTunes marketplace. Many of these games take into consideration what stimulates a cat's senses and how they react to certain activity by using different colors and movement that will intrigue your feline and entice them to play. Once kitty touches the screen, the game will continue through different levels, progressing in much the same way that human arcade games do.

One maker of these interactive feline games is Friskies, the cat food brand. The company currently offers several different games that you can download to your tablet for your cat to play. One of the games, Friskies You Versus Your Cat, actually allows a human and cat to play against each other. This game is similar to an electronic version of ping-pong. On the screen, you will see a piece of kibble that you and kitty are supposed to bat to each other. If kitty touches the kibble before it disappears into the other side, kitty receives the points and vice versa. Once you or kitty reaches 50 points, the game is over. Points are given in increments of 10, so a game will not last too long.

Another game that Friskies has developed takes its name from one of their feline treats: Party Mix-Up. In this game, pieces of kibble float around the screen; once your cat touches the kibble, it bursts into more pieces of kibble that bounce around the screen. The faster your cat touches the kibble, the faster the pieces break into additional pieces. This game could either entertain your hunting little lion, or drive him crazy.

If you choose to entertain your favorite feline with one of these tablet games, be sure to watch how your cat's claws are affecting the glass of your tablet. Chances are, kitty's claws will not be able to damage the glass that is used in tablets. However, if you have a protective film covering your glass, those claws may be able to penetrate the film, leaving pieces of plastic around that can be a choking hazard to your feline. Be sure to clean up immediately if you find yourself in this situation.

The world of high tech meets feline is here. With several games that you can download onto your tablet and share with your kitty, there will be no time for taking a catnap. These games will stimulate your cat's natural instincts, such as stalking and hunting, while providing entertainment for you. For added adventure, be sure to check out the interactive games that will let you and kitty have a bit of one-on-one competition for the ultimate fun afternoon.



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