Like millions of Apple fans around the world, Top Ten Reviews now has in its hands a new (and bigger) iPhone. The iPhone 6 has a screen that, at 4.7 inches, is a half-inch larger than every iPhone before it. There s also an iPhone 6 Plus, with a 5.5-inch screen, but these first impressions focus on the smaller and cheaper of the two new Apple phones.

First, a bottom line verdict, based on a day of evaluation: Apple creates devices that rarely fail to impress, and we were immediately and most definitely impressed with the iPhone 6.

Top Ten Reviews will be thoroughly testing the iPhone 6 over the next several days, and will post a complete review for you next week. You'll be able to see exactly how Apple's newest creation fairs next to the biggest devices from other major manufacturers in our smartphones lineup. But here's what we noticed right off the bat:

  • It's astonishingly thin. As any iPhone owner well knows, upgrading to a new model feels less like you bought a new phone and more like your old one finally grew up.

    This time, the growing up includes putting the iPhone on a diet. The iPhone 6 is bigger but fitter   more trim. The pictures I d seen of the iPhone 6 didn't do its form-factor justice; I've never held a phone that feels as simultaneously light and sturdy. And thin.

  • It feels great in your hand. Apple's gone back to its roots by engineering an anodized aluminum rear cover that feels softer and more luxurious than any phone I've held in recent memory. Its curved edges nestle in your palm like an old friend. Despite its boost in screen size, this iPhone doesn't feel much bigger in your hand, thanks to that remarkably thin cross-section. Everyone I've had hold the device agrees with my prognosis: This phone is a joy to hold.

  • The slow-motion capability is really cool. We've seen slow-motion video before on phones, including the iPhone 5s, but at 240 frames per second (twice the frame rate of its closest competitors), the iPhone 6's slo-mo is pure fun. The downside comes with resolution; the phone can only capture 720p at those frame rates, but the results should still look gorgeous on your TV.
  • This is the screen I've always wanted. I see and test a lot of displays. I just recently finished my hands-on time with the LG G3, which boasts a mind-blowingly sharp 2560 x 1440 resolution. Yet, based on a day with the iPhone 6, its screen looks better still. It's just barely over 720p, which is now entry-level as far as high-def images go, but it's plenty sharp, its colors are rich and true-to-life, and the display itself feels fantastically close to your fingers. The screen's protective glass, meanwhile, feels thick and luxurious, as though you're running your finger over warm ice, the surface melting softly into the device's curved bezel on either side.

Is it the perfect phone? Probably not, though our fuller testing should reveal more about its strengths and weaknesses. Stay tuned.

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