You don t need to spend money on a portable DVD player, a PSP and a mobile TV to keep your kids entertained on long car rides. There s a comprehensive solution with high-speed internet connections, amazing graphics, a high-definition display, top-of-the-line gaming capabilities, television, movies and music, all in one package and for under $600.

Interested? I thought you would be. Let me introduce you to the new iPad and the iPad car mount.

Apple s iPad is taking the world by storm, and their newest iPad takes the mobile entertainment industry to a new level. The A5 quad-core graphics processor puts this tablet computer s gaming and multimedia capabilities over many common desktop and laptop computers, and the high-definition display makes it perfect for movies in ways that portable DVD players only wish they could mimic.

The mobile gaming industry has been building steadily since the release of Nintendo s Gameboy, and the new iPad takes mobile video gaming to the next level. So how can you tap into the iPad s amazing multimedia entertainment features? Here are a few tips:

Get a video streaming app
Hulu Plus, Netflix, Vimeo, YouTube, NBA TV and more are all available through the iPad, unlocking nearly limitless content that you can stream directly to your iPad with an internet connection. And, with the new iPad s 4G LTE antenna, you re even closer to keeping your kids quiet with an entire season of Dora the Explorer.

Pick a game, any game
There are literally thousands of games for the iPad on Apple s proprietary app store. You can download games for children of every age, from toddler-friendly Goodnight Moon interactive books to more mature fighting and adventure games like Infinity Blade or Final Fantasy. There s no better way to keep a restless teenager quiet than to let them chop their way through endless dungeon denizens for under ten bucks.

Put that storage to good use
With at least 16GB of storage space, you ve got plenty of room to drop a few of your kid s favorite full-length movies on your iPad. One DVD ripper application and two DVDs later, and you ve got a solid three to four hours of silence on your road trip.

Mount up, iPad users
Want to keep your iPad out of reach of slobbery toddlers? Get yourself an iPad car mount. Even teenagers get tired, and you certainly don t want to see your $600 investment hitting the floor when they drop off to sleep in the middle of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. With a convenient Velcro strap or adjustable metal arm, your iPad becomes the dropdown TV you never knew you had. With a simple mount, you can feel safe knowing your 3-year-old s ice cream cone won t be filling your iPad s USB connector anytime soon.

Turn your favorite tablet into the pinnacle of modern entertainment with an iPad car mount, and listen as the triumphant and grateful cheers of your enthralled offspring fill your ears.

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