We know that buying for your loved ones can be tough   especially if their wish lists consist of items you thought only existed in "The Jetsons." Buying for these tech-savvy individuals can be a difficult endeavor, whether they are techie-wannabes or pros. This year, you don't have to settle for the same DVD, CD or gift card that you give every year. We've made your shopping a little easier by compiling this list of 10 perfect gift ideas that will bring your gadget geek a stocking full of joy this holiday season.

1. Universal Remote
Logitech Harmony One

If your tech-loving friend or family member has electronic equipment all around the house, give the gift of simplicity: the Logitech Harmony One universal remote. You can program this remote to control up to 15 different devices such as your TV, sound system, projector, Blu-ray player, DVR and the list goes on and on. This universal remote features a 2-inch LCD color touchscreen to make using the remote much easier. There is a motion sensor that will automatically turn the remote off if it has not detected any movement within a certain amount of time. In addition, the Harmony One is simple to set up, and assistance is available if using the device becomes a little overwhelming.

2. Home Media Servers

HP MediaSmart Server

If your techie loves computers, he or she is bound to have oodles of media content stored on multiple computing devices. With the HP MediaSmart server, your techie can now view all this content directly on a TV screen. Using the MediaSmart server, you can stream, store and play media from a computer with ease. Whether it is pictures from a Spring Break vacation or a collection of your loved one's favorite TV shows, this home media server opens a door to seemingly limitless opportunities. The HP MediaSmart Server also allows you to directly purchase or rent movies or TV shows. It also gives you access to several internet sites including Netflix, YouTube and Pandora.

3. Tablet

Apple iPad

With the Apple iPad, you have a world of opportunities right in the palm of your hand. This tablet adds spice and pizzazz to your life with the ability to access the internet, watch movies, listen to music, download apps, enjoy eBooks and much more. For a device with so many features, this tablet is small and compact. It has a 9.7-inch touchscreen display and is only 0.34 inches thick. Its dual-core A5 processor gives it plenty of speed, and its 16GB, 32GB or 64GB internal memory provides an ample amount of storage so you can have a truly fast, efficient and stylish computer wherever you go.

4. Bluetooth Communicator/ GPS Tracker

Cobra Tag Sensor

Even though your loved one may be smart when it comes to the latest technology, that doesn't mean he or she won't ever lose a favorite gadget. The Cobra Tag allows you to keep track of your smartphone, computer and even your keys. The sensor communicates with an app on your smartphone that lets you know if you have left your protected items behind. And if you are like many of us who seem to lose our phones on a regular basis, by tapping the Cobra Tag your smartphone will ring, helping you find your lost cell phone. If your electronics contain personal information that requires additional security, you can set up the sensor to lock your phone or device whenever you are a certain distance from your protected item.

5. Wireless Charging Mats

Powermat 3x Mat with Powercube

If your loved one is constantly using tech gadgets, give the gift that keeps on giving. The Powermat 3x Mat with Powercube is a wireless charging mat that allows you to charge up to three wireless devices at once. You won't need to worry about dealing with pesky cords anymore, and the indicating lights on the mat let you know that your devices are charging correctly. The Powermat features automatic shutdown capabilities that shut down the Powermat to save energy and battery life when the connected devices are fully charged. With this Powermat, you can keep your gadgets running   all while saving a little bit of energy.

6. Portable Projector

Optoma ML500

Enjoy a large-screen viewing experience without breaking the bank with this Optoma portable projector. Weighing a measly 2.5 pounds, you can easily carry this projector with you anywhere you go to provide you with the ultimate multimedia experience. This device features both VGA and HDMI inputs so you can connect your laptop, DVD player, Blu-ray player and even your gaming consoles to the projector. This portable projector is the perfect gift for not only the recipient, but also all of his or her friends and family who will be able to enjoy the many benefits of a crisp, clear and larger-than-life viewing experience.

7. Video Eyewear

Vuzix Wrap 920

Make this holiday one that your techie will always remember with the gift of video eyewear. These cool gadgets look similar to sunglasses but feature miniature screens on the inside of the lenses. The glasses connect to your smartphone, iPod and other devices and send the streaming video to the miniature display screens. These glasses provide a widescreen effect and eliminate the trouble of looking at a small display screen on your iPod or smartphone. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the outdoors and traveling but can't seem to leave movies and other entertainment behind.


8. Gaming Mouse Mat
Razer Vespula Gaming Mouse Mat

Help your gamer beat all the odds with the Razer Vespula GamingMouse Mat. Your gamer will have the advantage over opponents while using this dual-sided mat. Each side enhances either your control or speed to help improve your performance while playing the game of your choice. This Razer mat features a memory-conformance wrist rest for ultimate comfort even after hours of play. The Razer Vespula Gaming Mouse Mat will make gaming, and your holiday shopping, much easier and more enjoyable.

9. Portable Document and Photo Scanner

The iConvert Portable Document and Photo Scanner

Store all your information digitally with the iConvert Portable Document and Photo Scanner. This wireless device allows you to scan documents wherever you are. Using a USB cable or a microSD card, you can transfer all the data to your computer. With the document and photo scanner, you can ensure that you have copies of all your important documents and histories. Once you own one, you won't need to worry about losing copies of valuable documents and information anymore.


10. Wireless Router
Linksys E-Series Wireless Router

Create a powerful wireless network in your home this holiday with the Linksys E-Series Wireless Router. Using this high-quality router, you can browse the internet, stream video and music and play games without interruption. It is designed to offer you fast speeds and quick connections that won t disappoint. And it s quick installation and easy setup is ideal for those who don t quite consider themselves techie experts. This is the perfect gift for that loved one who loves to stay connected and constantly wants to stay online.


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