That beautiful iPhone gleaming in your hand has made your fast-paced world a more productive place not to mention a lot more fun. Just like the perfect scarf or bauble can set an outfit apart from the crowd, so too can an accessory (or two) paired up with the iPhone take the device from a daily necessity to  how could I ever live without it?!  status. We ve ranked the current top 10 must-have iPhone accessories in order of price. There s a little something for everyone.

Elago Apple iPhone Premium Privacy Protection Film

In today s era of identity theft and fraud, it s more important than ever to protect yourself and that includes the information on your iPhone. The Elago Apple iPhone Premium Privacy Filter/Screen Protector is a budget-friendly way to protect both your identity and your iPhone s beautiful display. Unless you view the phone s screen straight on, you can t see anything that is being displayed. Even a slight change in viewing angle will foil the nosiest peepers.

Incipio Feather Case

Since your iPhone is such an integral part of your daily life, you re certainly toting it with you wherever you go which is convenient but also tough on the case. If you like to slip your iPhone into your pocket you already know what a pain a silicone case is. Every time you pull your phone out, your pocket and everything in it comes with it! The Incipio Feather Case is a slim, sexy shell. Its extremely strong polymer material is smooth and exceptionally thin at less than 1mm thickness. No bulk, no stick and great protection available in a rainbow of colors.

iHome iHM77 Stereo Mini Speakers

Listening to your favorite tunes is one of the big benefits of an iPhone. And, while the included ear buds are serviceable, there are times when you d like to enjoy your playlists without being tethered to your iPhone by ear buds. iHome s iHM77 Stereo Mini Speakers won t replace your theater sound system but they are perfect for the auditory respite when ear phones just don t cut it. These diminutive speakers provide respectable sound and are easy to toss in a purse, laptop bag or suitcase. One of their cooler features is their magnetized bases that allow the two speakers to snap together forming a capsule to make packing and storage a cinch. When you want to use them, simply separate the speakers, expand the top portion with a slight twist of the wrist and plug them into your iPhone. Turn them on and rock out. If their battery runs down, simply plug them into a computer with the included USB cable to recharge. You can still listen to your music while they are charging.

Motorola MotoROKR Bluetooth Stereo Headset

There are times when you really want the knock-your-socks-off surround sound to go along with the movie or video you re watching on your iPhone. Motorola s MotoROKR Bluetooth Stereo Headset provides excellent sound quality while still allowing you to take phone calls, all without being tied down by ear buds. These lightweight headphones wrap around the back of your head and stay out of your way. They feature touch-sensitive controls located on the ear pieces to control volume and make and receive calls. This is the perfect iPhone accessory for the active music lover or multitasker.

mophie Juice Pack Air

Apple has gotten its share of grief concerning the battery in the iPhone, both its usage and the inability to swap out batteries if one dies. There are many battery supplements on the market but for the most part, those options all come with additional heft and bulk. mophie's Juice Pack Air combines a super-slim case with a rechargeable battery that practically doubles the useable battery life of the iPhone s built-in battery. If you struggle with power management, this is THE case for you. It s slim and trim enough to carry in a pocket while still protecting your iPhone and you ll never (well, rarely) run out of battery to talk, surf, watch and text.

iHome iP9BR Clock Radio

Historically, the sound of an alarm clock ringing in the wee, small hours of the morning is comparable to visiting the dentist for a root canal without Novocain. With iHome s iP9BR Clock Radio you can now wake to the radio, a specific playlist on your iPhone or a pleasant chirping alarm all the while charging your phone s battery for another full day. The clock has a battery backup so no more excuses if the power goes out. The device also has a remote that allows you to control practically all of the clock and radio features. A particularly nice feature is the eight different brightness settings for the display which range from brightly lit (which casts strong shadows in a darkened room) to completely dark. There are unlimited snooze button hits allowing you to continue the alarm every ten minutes as long as you like and when you re finally ready to get up, turning the alarm off really means you re just turning it off for the day. It will automatically come back on the next day at the same preset time with no further involvement from you.

Finally, if you like to go to sleep to the sound of your favorite list of lullabies, iHome s clock radio features a setting that will gradually decrease the volume of the music over a period of time from 15 minutes to 2 hours enabling you to drift sweetly off to dreamland accompanied by relaxing musical strains.

Motorola MotoROKR Bluetooth In-Car Speaker

There is sufficient anecdotal evidence as well as scientifically-documented proof that talking on your cell phone while driving is dangerous. With the majority of states passing legislation that incorporates legal penalties for cell phone use while driving, many drivers are opting for a hands-free headset. Motorola has gone a step further with the MotoROKR Bluetooth In-Car Speaker. This nifty iPhone accessory pairs with your phone and not only allows you to answer incoming calls but also functions as an FM transmitter that allows you to play the music on your iPhone through your car s stereo system. If you happen to receive a call while you re jamming out, the music is paused as you answer the call (also played through the car s speakers.) Once you hang up, the music starts back up. To make it easier to dial a call while driving, you can use a voice recognition app such as Dragon to dial a number, all without taking your eyes off of the road. Score one for safety and another big one for convenience!

Optoma PICO Pocket Projector

The iPhone s crystal clear display is great to watch videos on when you re traveling or killing time by yourself but it s tricky to gather family or friends around to watch your latest movie, music video or photo slideshow. Optoma s PICO Pocket Projector is the handy dandy accessory to hook your iPhone up to and watch your Cecil B. DeMille-worthy videos and presentations play out to the amazement of your audience. This pint-sized projector, coming in weighing a spare 4 ounces and measuring 4 inches long, won t replace your home theater system or overhead projector for meetings but it s a great option for impromptu screenings. There s no need for a monitor. You simply point the lens at a blank surface and start the show. Optoma s PICO Pocket Projector will definitely work better in a darkened room and you won t want to rely on the mono speaker for sound (break out the iHome s iHM77 Stereo Mini Speakers instead) but if you re holed up in a hotel with nothing to watch on TV this is an entertaining alternative to watching videos directly on your iPhone. The projector is capable of displaying a 60-inch image but here again, best results are obtained in a totally dark room. Its battery is rechargeable and a full charge will power the show for up to 2 hours.

Monster Cable Beats Noise Isolating Headphones

A hot iPhone accessory for the audiophiles is Monster Cable s Beats. These noise-isolating headphones deliver outstanding audio clarity and bass. The headphones are engineered to cut out the noise interference from external sources and enable the listener to immerse themselves in the auditory stimulation of their music. Since the headphones are compatible with an iPhone, they are also equipped with an answer button and mic so you can easily take calls. Because these aren t ear buds, the comfort is top-notch as well. All in all, these are THE headphones for the serious music lover.

Sonos ZonePlayer S5

Finally, coup de gras of iPhone accessories and total convenience the Sonos ZonePlayer allows you to control your iPhone s library or stream music over the internet through the Sonos wireless speaker system from any room in your home or office using the manufacturer s free app. This is a 5-speaker compact solution that you can easily move from room to room and enjoy crystal clear sound quality wherever you go. The interface is intuitive and seamless. The app allows you to control multiple speaker units so you can play the same song in every room of your house, perfectly synchronized and with no echo. It also allows you to browse your music libraries, various internet radio stations and access multiple music services such as Pandora,, Rhapsody and SIRIUS Internet Radio. This is the iPhone home speaker system for discriminating music lovers.




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