Since the inception of the cell phone people have been trying to push the limits of both technology and design. We're all for innovative new products but sometimes manufacturers completely miss the mark when it comes to both form and function. Since Motorola first introduced the DynaTAC 8000X in 1983 there have been countless "ugly" cell phones. Here is our list of the most recent ugly cell phones:

Siemens Xelibri

The Siemens Xelibri line resembles anything but a cell phone. These phones were so ugly and feature-less, the plug was pulled on the line after only 18 months on the market.

Bang & Olufsen Serene

Bang and Olufsen primarily make home audio components that both sound great and are visually appealing. It is for this reason they have no business making a cell phone. Case in point: the Serene. The Serene has so many design flaws it's hard to know where to begin. The camera is on the side of the phone, the screen is below the keypad, and it cost over $1000.

Hong Jeong's Dual LCD Cellphone

Yeah, we haven't ever heard of Hong Jeong either. Perhaps that's a good thing considering what the dual screen phone looks like. The border around the two screens looks almost as large as the screens themselves. We'll take one good large screen over 2 mediocre screens any day.

Nokia 7380

By just looking at the Nokia 7380 it's hard to tell that it is in fact a cellphone. This mostly due to the fact that it lacks a keypad. How do you dial you might ask? We're not sure either, but perhaps this is why you don't know anyone with this phone.

Toshiba G450

Two separate circular keypads that kind of resemble a regular keypad. This thing was doomed before it ever hit the market. One thing's for sure, this definitely isn't a texter's phone of choice.

Nokia 3650

The second Nokia to make our ugly list, the 3650 appears as though it were designed to make even dialing a phone number confusing. The giant circular keypad just looks wrong.

Bang & Olufsen Serenata

Bang and Olufsen's second attempt at a cell phone is worse than their first mostly because it cost over $2000, a cool grand more than its predecessor. And just like its predecessor the screen is below the keypad meaning every time you used the phone, your hand blocks the screen. Hey Bang and Olufsen, stick with audio components.

F88 Wrist Phone

The awkwardness of having to hold your wrist to your ear as you talk aside, the F88 Wrist Phone is impractical to say the least. Imagine trying to send a text message from the side of your wrist, with only one hand. Oh it has an antenna too. Minus one point for that alone.

Virgin Mobile Lobster 700TV

Well, at least it was the first phone to offer mobile TV at no additional cost. If you name your cellphone "lobster" you are almost certainly ensuring its demise. It doesn't look like a lobster, but it certainly fits the bill as an ugly cellphone.

Vertu Bucheron Cobra

Thankfully only a handful of these phones was ever made. It's essentially an ugly Nokia made even uglier by adorning it with $310,000 worth of jewels. Yes that's a cobra that snakes its way around the phone. Those jewels look like they are just waiting to fall off from their awkward position on the phone.

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